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10 Best Kept Secrets To Become More Creative By Boosting Your Brainpower

Hey James, this week I am working on the most exciting project ever – I am designing a new website for one of the most popular radio stations.

That was the last time I heard anything from my friend.

Now he is spending a big chunk of his time going through a lot of legal actions and a local lawyer has become his best mate.

Well, all just because my friend has been sued by a huge web design and development agency.

He hoped to get away with getting inspired from a website this agency had created (more or less, he literally copied nearly half of the website, doh!).

His excuse? Apparently he was lacking creativity!

After all, I did not hesitate to call him a fool!

He failed in his life big time, only by avoiding small, yet important steps.

If I were you, I would begin to worry right now, because you can fail too, just like my friend did!


To avoid becoming a fool because of the lack of creativity, you better learn how simple super-foods can boost your brainpower, which will, without a doubt, increase your, in web design, so needed creativity (I guarantee!).

Everything You Put In Your Mouth Counts

Image by Up Chuck Norris

Surely you would agree with me if I said that no one really likes to be controlled, do You?

More likely you would say – No!

Or you would shout at me, “James are you crazy, or what? Why would I like to be controlled!”

Well, neither do I…

But the painful truth, my friend is, that unfortunately we are being controlled. Even more surprisingly – controlled every single day.

And if we ever wanted to escape from being controlled by this beast, we would undoubtedly die!

Yes, we would die, because this controlling beast I am talking about is called FOOD. It controls how we feel every day. How productive we are, how powerful, fast, alert and creative we are.

Too much coffee will make you hyperactive, having some tofu frozen dessert will make you sleepy, whereas ice cream just before bed will ruin your sleep.

We simply cannot escape from it, but what we can do instead is take this control in our own hands.

I know, it sounds a bit crazy, but we can actually use food as a tool to make us feel more energized, to boost our powers of concentration as well as lift our moods.

Now I will reveal to you one of my biggest secrets.

This is one of the secrets that help me stay so creative, that I can proudly write an article so great, that people would read it again and again (shhh… it’s the one you’re reading right now.)

My secret consists of 10 basic superfoods, my kitchen, my own mouth and willingness to be more creative.

Keep reading to find out how to apply this secret to your life.

1. So Many Berries Out there, Go And Eat Them All

Image by Matt Mangum

This fleshy fruit is usually very juicy, sweet or sometimes sour and is brightly coloured.

Berries are very rich in antioxidants, not only will they boost your brainpower to ensure you become more creative, but they will also improve your mental function and reverse age related issues.

And just to let you know this is not me making up some crazy story about how awesome berries are.

It is actually scientifically proven, that eating strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and well, mainly any sort of berries does have very beneficial effects on your brain.

And guess what!? I bet you had no idea, that tomato is actually also classified as a berry. So if you prefer tomatoes than blueberries, blackberries or strawberries, it will still count.

Eat This: Homemade Blueberry Jam

Image by Kimberly Jones

Get a couple of jars and you are ready to start off.

Ready to start off something healthy and something made by You.

I enjoy having my homemade blueberry jam on a toast every single morning.

Not This: Blueberry Bagels, Seriously!

Image by Alpha

Yummy – You think… This blueberry (mmm real blueberry) bagel must be one healthy bite!

You are wrong, my friend!

Most of these are processed food, with so called berries in them are faked!
Do yourself a favour and stay away from them.

How Creative Will You Become By Eating Berries?

Berry Eating Web Designers Are Able To Create An Awesome Website As This G’nosh

Some Always Enjoy Blueberries More Than Others

2. Dark Chocolate, The Darker, The Better

Image by Tim Sackton

Of course, as everyone of us know (or maybe not) chocolate is made from plants. So what does that mean now? You might ask.

Nothing much, to be honest…only thing is, that since it is made from plants, chocolate contains many of the health benefits of dark vegetables.

Not a big deal, is it?!
Well, yes it is. Hell of a big deal, if you asked me.

This sweet treat contains almost eight times the antioxidants found in strawberries.

Just remember not to wash your chocolate down with a glass of milk, as you would more likely end up taking all the antioxidant goodness away from your body, by preventing proper absorption.

Eat This: Dark, Dark Chocolate Bark

Image by Mattie Hagedorn

We got to go back to the kitchen, I am afraid.
Oh right, I forgot you are one of those, “sorry, I am too busy to cook at home!”

My days, I forgot that you are a web designer, maybe even a freelance web designer, so therefore always busy.

But never mind, my so busy friend. You wanted to boost your brainpower to become more creative, remember?!

So stop moaning and get on with it, as this dark chocolate bark will take you only less than 30 minutes to make.

Not This: Any Kind of White Chocolate is Big No, No!

Image by Kat Martin

Just like nicely, dark chocolate has a lot of cacao in it, white chocolate has nearly no cacao at all.
I am amazingly surprised how dare they call it chocolate. (hammerheads)

Just listen to this – instead they pour in a lot of sugar into the process of making white chocolate.

And you know what their excuse is?! Well, they say it is to make it that nicely white and give it that good taste.

Be clever now and listen to me – white chocolate is not good for you, mainly because of the amount of sugar in it.

How Creative Will You Become By Eating Dark Chocolate?

So Creative That You Would Be Able To Create as Awesome Website as MPD

This Video Made Me Fall In Love With Dark Chocolate

3. Nuts Are Rich With Great Nutrients To Boost Your Brainpower

Image by Adam Wyles

They are very rich in a wide array of great nutrients, including magnesium, fiber, zinc, sodium and unsaturated fat.

Every day I manage to snack on nuts like pecans, peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts and others.

I, myself, started consuming a variety of nuts once I found out that they can help fight insomnia, promoting mental clarity, strong memory and boosting brainpower to become more creative.

My all time favourite ones are Omega-3 rich walnuts and almonds, which are packed with natural mood-enhancing neurotransmitters (don’t bother to pronounce it).

Mixed nuts can also be good for those, who are on a low-carbohydrate diet, as they provide just 7g of carbs in each 1 oz. Sounds great to me!

Eat This: Laura’s Holiday Spiced Nuts

Image by Shivery Timbers

I guess I can call You chef by now. You can hate me if you want to, but yes, we are still in the kitchen.

Just look at the bright side of it – if You have managed to make every food I have been talking about so far You will be more experienced in the kitchen than I have ever been (I was told I’m quite good at making toasts).

Well, anyway, Laura’s Holiday Spiced Nuts recipe looks just Yummy.

Not This: Going Nuts On Nuts Will Do No Good To You

Image by Srikumar

Just like with everything – It is good only if used in moderation.

So it should not come to you as a big surprise, if I told you, that eating something, as good as nuts too much will give the complete opposite effect – they could be harmful to you.

How Creative Will You Become By Eating Mixed Nuts?

Eat Plenty of Mixed Nuts To Make Websites Like The Art of Flight

Here Is Another Amazing Way To Use Mixed Nuts For Milk Lovers

4. Wild Salmon Will Get Your Brain Functioning Again

Image by James Bowe

Salmon is like one of those superfoods that are so full of goodness, that you just do not want to take it off your shopping list ever.

Have you ever heard of DHA? Probably you have not, unless you are too much into all of this food science thing. Either way, the reason I picked wild salmon as my list’s number 4 is its richness of DHA.

Those three letters are a type of Omega-3 fatty acid and this acid is the primary building block of the brain.

DHA cannot be produced by the body, so the only way to get it is from consumption of food like salmon.

– Elizabeth Somer, M.A., R.D.

That is as much as You should know really, to understand how good this wild fishy, fishy is for you.

Eat This: Gordon Ramsay’s Crispy Salmon

Image by Gordon Ramsay

Ok, have a break this time and just leave this one to Ramsay, I doubt You could do it better than him anyway.

But one day you could definitely learn to make this damn good crispy salmon yourself.

Not This: Never Ever Try Salmon Soup, Made With Tinned Salmon

Image by Jenna Paradies

There is an old recipe booklet from the 1950s, issued by a famous maker of custard powder. In that booklet you can can find a recipe so disgusting that I wonder if anyone has ever tried to make it.

The recipe requires you to use  tinned salmon, two packets of custard powder and milk. And then that is what you are supposed to call a salmon soup.

I just recommend you to give up on it and make a proper wild salmon soup instead.

How Creative Will You Become By Eating Salmon?

Want a Website as Great as Barcamp Omana 2012?  Eat more Salmon.

Ouh My, Ouh My, This Just Made My Mouth Water

5. It is Brain Healthy To Have a Couple of Eggs In The Morning

Image by Flare

I honestly do not know a single person who would not like a pair of eggs for their breakfast. But if you are one of them, I am sorry, I shall call you very strange.

First of all, yolks found in eggs are loaded with choline. And this choline is something amazingly good that helps you sharpen your memory.

Also, some very smart Swiss researches say that because eggs are a great source of protein they will improve your overall cognitive performance.

Remember, that if you keep your eggs in a fridge they will last much longer than if you kept them at a room temperature.

Eat This: Morning Omelette With Cheese, Ham Or Just Anything You Fancy

Image by Andrew Dogg

Seriously now, does anyone really need cooking lessons to get some morning omelette ready, cooked and served with some cheese or a slice of ham on it?

I am sure you will be fine with that, if not ask any 3 years old and they will teach you how to do that just the right way.

The only thing you could practice is how to crack an egg with one hand.

Not This: Apparently Eating Too Much Egg Yolks Is as Bad As…

Image by Shardayyy

…is as bad as smoking. Yes, I know, even I had my jaw dropped.

As the Western University researchers found that eating too much egg yolks will raise your risk of heart attacks and strokes.

It does not matter how young or old you are. You can be 20 or 50, either way too much egg yolks will still cause troubles down the line.

How Creative Will You Become By Eating Eggs?

Something Like Ok Studios Website Can Be Created If You Are Regularly Eating Eggs

Check Out How Amazing Idiazabal Cheese Egg Is

6. Coffee Has a Profound Effect On Your Brains

Image by David

We all lose the ability to focus now and again. And without a good focus, it is not easy to be as creative as you potentially could be capable of.

That is why even just a single cup of that tar (people tend to call it coffee) will help you boost your brainpower and stay sharp all the way through your next creative job you will do.

To make it sound even better, guys from North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences have found that drinking a cup of that dark tar will block the disruptive effects of high cholesterol.

Which is bloody good, because too much of cholesterol can even lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

This is the best evidence yet that caffeine equivalent to one cup of coffee a day can help protect the brain against cholesterol.

– Dr Jonathan Geiger

Eat This: Start Your Day With Starbucks Dark Roast Coffee

Image by Starbucks

If you happen to be constantly on the move and even mornings are kind of rushed, all you got to do is just pop in any closest Starbucks on your way to the office.

Finally no cooking skills and no time required to boost your brainpower, I guess that was something you were waiting for since you started reading this article.

By the way, you can even choose from three different types of Starbucks Dark Roast Coffee.

Not This: Cold Stone Creamery Lotta Caramel Latte

Image by Jamieanna

This is just like one of those disaster drinks. Is it a coffee? Or is it a fattening dessert? Let me put it this way – it is a giant, fattening dessert with coffee flavour to it.

If you already have had one of those Cold Stone Creamery Latte Coffees, then you are done for the day, because it contains nearly a full day’s worth of calories.

Cold Stone Creamery Lotta caramel Latte contains 1, 530 calories, 85g fat and 161g sugars. Run away now!

How Creative Will You Become By Drinking Coffee?

Those Creative Web Designers, Who Drink Coffee Make Websites For Nike

Real Coffee Lovers Will Appreciate a Cup of Japanese Iced Coffee

7. Avocado Is Like a Goldmine of Nutrients

Image by You As a Machine

I still remember those days, when everyone was talking about how bad avocados are, because of being too fatty. Now, those days are gone, as this green fruit is actually an amazing source of nutrients that will get your brain power sky high again.

Avocados contain folate, which is very essential for your brain health, as well for good performance levels of your memory.

Monounsaturated fat (so called healthy fat) found in avocados help your blood flow, which helps your brain cells moving.

Eat This: Very Easy To Make Guacamole

Image by Sam Howzit

Have you already got prepared three avocados, one lime, half of white onion, and some coriander, as well as a tomato and few other things?

This Ausie Griller will certainly show you how to make a great guacamole with ease.

Once you have made it, make sure you share your experience with us. I cannot wait to see you with full mouth of guacamole.

Not This: Never More Than 5 Avocados

Image by Chris Streeter

From my own experience I can tell you that to eat approximately half an avocado a day would be the golden middle way.

Why only a half, you wonder? Mainly, because by lowering your daily avocado intake down to half a day you would simply lower your fat intake.

But there is no reason to worry, because you would still get all the goodness found in avocados.

How Creative Will You Become By Eating Avocados?

Creating a Websites Like Camacho Cigars Will Be Like a Piece Of Cake For Avocado Eaters

Easy-Peasy Made Avocado Toast, Yum, Yum, Yum!

8. Eating Your Broccoli Is An Amazingly Good Idea

Image by Cyclonebill

Be honest now – how much do you like the taste of broccoli? I personally cannot get enough of it.

Is there anything else, that tastes as good as broccoli? Is it safe to say, that you think I am mad? Yes it is, because…

Because I was just kidding. I am a normal human being, just like you are.

So, believe me I do not really like the taste of this green plant either.

But like it or not, broccoli is very, very low in calories, and at the same time packed with plenty of nutrients.

Therefore It is pretty much straight forward – Do not avoid eating broccoli if you want to boost your brainpower, as simple as that.

Broccoli is exceptionally good for your brain. Period!

Eat This: Raw Broccoli Is an Ultimate Powerhouse of Green Nutrients

Image by Jules Stone Soup

We all clearly know that broccoli is one of those foods, that every three year olds hate. And of course, presidents are not fussed on them either.

But still, in my opinion the best way to eat broccoli is just raw or sometimes steamed. I personally kind of taste more goodness in them if they are still raw (I am a bit weird, I know.)

The ones, who have understood how amazing broccoli is, will never, ever give up on them.

I mean – Never!

Not This: Broccoli In China Are Full Of Toxins

Image by David Schroeter

There is something I was not aware myself. I recently read an article about how bad pollution problems they have over in China.

Apparently the problems are so bad that they are about to face some serious consequences for food production and human health.

If You really, really cannot stand broccoli and it is your worst nightmare, just carry on without having them on your shopping list, as there are plenty of healthy brain superfoods for you to consume anyway.

How Creative Will You Become By Eating Broccoli?

Broccoli-Power Will Make You So Creative, You will Cook Websites Like Vaclav Krbusek

Creamy Broccoli Soup Seems To Be Good Too

9. Eat a Lot More Tomatoes Than You Already Do

Image by Glen

There is another very powerful antioxidant, called lycopene which boosts your brainpower, as well as fights development of dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s.

And you can get plenty of this lycopene antioxidants just by eating a couple of tomatoes.

You might have already guessed, that based on that fact even ketchup should be good for your brains and could help you become more creative.

But even though ketchup is considered good for your brains, you should go for a fresh tomato sauce, whenever it is possible.

Eat This: Grilled Tomatoes With Fresh Tomato Sauce

Image by Woodley Wonderworks

Now it is the right time to get your summer grill out again. While you get your tomatoes grilled, you can also put on some steak to grill, chicken or any other meet.

Grilled tomatoes are amazing addition to pretty much anything, starting from potatoes, rice, pasta and salad.

This is one of the most amazing grilled tomato recipes.

Not This: They Say Hunt’s Tomato Ketchup Is The Worst Ketchup

Image by David Blaine

Right, so this is a tricky one, just because I have heard that this Hunt’s Tomato Ketchup is rated as the worst ketchup ever.

But because I have never, ever tried this ketchup myself, I will not be able to tell you how horribly disgusting it really is.

I will leave that for you. So if you have a chance, go, but it, try it and share what it was like, if you manage to survive tasting it.

How Creative Will You Become By Eating Tomatoes?

Remember To Snack On Tomatoes To Be Able To Make Websites Like Bryan Connor

Mmmm, Sweet, Sweet Cherry Tomatoes Anyone?

10. Popeye Will Tell You Everything About Spinach

Image by Jason Bachman

Do you still remember who is the strongest guy on this planet? Is it the Terminator, maybe Batman, Spiderman or maybe Superman?

No! All of those guesses are totally wrong.

The strongest has always been and still is…

…Mr. Popeye The Sailor Man. There is no chance you have forgotten him!

His favourite superfood has always been spinach, and I am not surprised why.

Spinach is so overloaded with goodness that not only does it boost brainpower, but it also punches cancer right in the face.

Eat This: Home Grown Spinach Will Always Be The Best Tasting

Image by Martin Belam

Nothing will taste as fresh as home grown spinach. Yes, it might be time consuming process to do that, but after all it will always pay off in the long run.

Just imagine how amazing it would be to pop out to your garden to get some spinach, without having to go shopping.

Not This: Eating Too Much Raw Spinach Can Harm Your Bones

Image by Susana Secretariat

If you consume enough calcium, then there is nothing you should really worried about regards eating too much of raw spinach.

But if you for some reason happen to be lacking calcium intake, I feel sorry for you (it’s just so easy, drink a glass of milk a day).

Spinach contains oxalic acid, that binds calcium. You might have a harmful ending, as spinach can take away calcium away from your bones.

How Creative Will You Become By Eating Spinach?

I Bet Popeye Would Definitely Be Able To Make Websites Like Glamour, Just Because Of Eating Spinach

Spinach Strawberry Salad Is One of My All Time Favourites

I Bet You Are Tired Of Reading This Long Article

In fact, I would not even be surprised if you told me right now, “James, I have had enough!”

Since You made it all the way through my 10 secrets, I am so proud of You that…

… that if You promise to take control of your life in your own hands and…

…and become more creative (by doing that you will 100% become more creative)


Lend Your Leg

Festival Mundo 2011

W. Brett Wilson



There Is No Conclusion This Time – Only Reality

Image by Randy Adams

Reality is harsh, yet bright.

But bright only for those who realize and accept the shocking fact of today.

The fact that we are being controlled by food everyday. We eat a lot, but rarely thinking what it is that we put in our mouth.

From now on my friend you will always remember, that you can become much, much more creative than you are right now, just by eating brainpower boosting superfoods.

And that is the best way to take the control of Your life in your own hands.

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