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15 Marketplaces to Buy Premium WordPress Themes Reviewed

WordPress is a powerful tool to make your blog or website run perfectly. However, if you want to stand out among thousand other websites and blogs, you need some elegant themes. You can certainly create unique themes for yourself. But if you don’t have appropriate knowledge of HTML and CSS, I would recommend that you find a marketplace in order to buy premium WordPress themes.

What are the perks of having premium WordPress themes?

  • You will find highest quality themes that are professionally designed
  • It will improve the appearance of your website or blogs
  • It will also expand its  functionality
  • It capture the visitor’s attention more
  • Increase the traffic on the website or blog
  • It brings some fresh changes if you want to boost business performance

Therefore, in today’s post we are going to review top WordPress themes marketplaces that will help out bloggers, designers, and developers to generate traffic to their sites and sell their work easily.

1. ThemeForest


ThemeForest is a very familiar website template marketplace that is powered by Envato. It is the currently the biggest WordPress theme marketplace that you can find. Thousands of themes and designs are released on monthly basis. ThemeForest has varied themes available currently that you can use for different CMS such as:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Concrete5

There are many more website templates and themes that you can choose. Just browse from the different categories and select the best for you. Every website template and theme is designed with premier quality. The prices for themes are very affordable and starts from US$5 per theme.


  • It is the biggest WordPress theme marketplace that you can find
  • Support forums for various themes are open to browse before you buy
  • Have over 14,495 available themes


  • Envato itself gives no support for the themes
  • Some theme functionalities are very awful
  • They have a reputation for being hard to get a refund

ThemeForest offers world-class WP themes. I would recommend this to all those who are looking for excellent theme functionality. Besides, it has the biggest collection of themes so you will have no problem in choosing the perfect theme for your website.

2. MojoThemes


MojoThemes is a marketplace for premium themes and templates. It has over 1523 marketplace items. MojoThemes offer templates according to different categories. It has a large number of expert developers that make sure that new themes are released on monthly basis. You can use these themes and templates for using in different CMS and platforms on the web including:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Tumblr
  • Magento

Using a premium WordPress theme from MojoThemes can bring a new look to your websites and blogs. The price for every theme is very affordable and starts from US$5.


  • MojoThemes offers a variety of different templates to cater to different platforms
  • Many customer reviews and comments make it easy to get a lot of theme ideas
  • It has the option of subscribing to just one Mojo theme, which is best for individual developers.


  • Not all themes may be suitable for your website
  • In most of the cases, you are required to sign up to the website before making a deal for MojoThemes
  • Many times, the non-availability of phone support can disappoint you

MojoTheme is definitely a good marketplace for buying premium themes. Their offers are very affordable with various features that fit perfectly with multiple websites. The other thing is its quality support that is available for you. I would recommend MojoThemes to all those that are looking to make their websites beautiful and manageable.

3. Elegant Themes


Elegant Themes offer high quality WordPress themes and plugins. It is a complete mixture of quality, reliability and affordability. However, like other marketplaces Elegant Themes does not sell every theme individually. It offers a complete collection of 87 themes at a very affordable price of US$69/per year.

Elegant Themes offers the most affordable themes in market right now. Every theme is unique with full responsive design and a very fresh look. Every theme is continually updated to make sure that it remains compatible with the latest WordPress version.


  • Known to be the most affordable themes in market right now
  • Generous 30-day “No Questions Asked” money-back guaranteed policy
  • Best package for people that have multiple sites


  • You cannot buy themes separately
  • If you don’t renew membership, no support is provided
  • ePanel settings cannot be backed up

Majority of their themes are user-friendly so every starter can also easily manage them. It is recommended for personal and business websites. The best thing about the site is its 30- day money back guarantee and I mean it. I would recommend ElegantThemes to those people who have multiple websites because of its wide selection.

4. RocketTheme


RocketTheme offers beautifully designed templates and themes that can give your site a stunning and unique look. Plenty of themes are available to download and many more are being released every year.

Designers can find high-quality themes to put in their websites while bloggers can also use them. Currently, there are 38 paid themes available on the site which can be purchased according to different packages:

  • Subscription of 2 months for US$50.00
  • Subscription of 6 months for US$75.00
  • Full year subscription for US$90.00


  • All the latest templates and extensions are being created using fully responsive design techniques
  • Very attractive subscription plans
  • Best affordable collection


  • Many people find errors during the installation of the themes
  • Websites are sometimes said to be moving very slowly
  • It is very hard to get a refund

RocketThemes offer you fully responsive design templates. The subscriptions are very attractive and considered the best. For many people, they make it impossible to select one theme for their themes are that good. Also in terms of affordability, RocketThemes, have one of the best collections.

5. Wpmarket


Wpmarket is a marketplace for premium WordPress themes, plugins, and HTML templates. It also allows  freelance designers to sell their designs. All the themes available at Wpmarket are of great quality.

With a regular theme update on the site, you can select the latest themes for your websites and blogs. There is also a sidebar on the website which lets you know about the latest top rated and recently viewed products. There are different price ranges for the themes such as:

  • Single themes starting from US$19
  • The whole collection of theme sets ending at high price of $750


  • You can filter themes according to your price range
  • You can also sell your themes on the site
  • Themes are updated regularly
  • Price of their theme is very reasonable


  • Some themes in the collection are not of high quality
  • Customer support is not so good
  • There are issues regarding the refund

Wpmarket is a good place to buy top WordPress themes. They are also offering plugins and HTML templates. One good thing is that, you can also sell your designs through the site. Themes prices are very affordable. I would recommend it all the bloggers because their themes are updated regularly and you can find the latest themes on their site.

6. Woothemes


Woothemes offer a wide range of premium themes, plugins and eCommerce toolkit for sites based on WordPress. All the themes are well designed so they properly fit every website you put them in. Woothemes are powered by WooFramework that gives your website a stunning feel and flexibility. Currently there are 52 beautiful themes in their collection that are perfect for design agencies and freelance developers. These themes can be purchased separately or are available with different packages:

  • Themes starting from US$99/per theme
  • Monthly subscription of US$29/month
  • The whole theme collection for US$399


  • 90+ WordPress themes are included in the membership and one theme is added every month
  • Great eCommerce support through their WooCommerce plugin
  • Support is still provided to those that have stopped their membership


  • Themes cannot be downloaded if you don’t renew your membership
  • High starting cost, i.e. $125 Start Up Fee & $20 per month
  • Supports sometimes take very long to respond

Every theme is built under a solid Woo framework is constantly updated according to the needs of users. The selection is very wide. You will have no problem in choosing the theme that suits your website perfectly. The memberships are very affordable and support is provided to you even after discontinuing the membership plan.

7. StudioPress


StudioPress has a great collection of professionally designed WordPress themes. The unique thing about their themes is that they are built with the Genesis Framework.

Genesis Framework makes it very easy to create a custom website using WordPress. StudioPress is a great option for all business owners and developers that are looking to start their online presence.

Each theme design is fully responsive with the option to customize the layouts. You can browse the theme catalog that includes filters to help you in finding the perfect theme that fits your need.

  • Themes start from US$79.95/per theme
  • The whole theme package for US$349.95


  • Built with Genesis Framework
  • Great option for Business owners and developers that are looking to start their online presence
  • It has a built-in SEO panel


  • Pricing is considered too high
  • Genesis Framework can be frustrating if you don’t code
  • There are issues of poor support from the staff

There are two main choices that StudioPress offers: Genesis Framework and Child Themes. This marketplace is well-known in the WordPress community because of their Genesis Framework. I would recommend this to all the small business owners and developers who are looking for an online presence.

8. Press75


Press75 is a very popular WordPress theme marketplace that has themes for all kinds of WordPress sites. There is wide range of themes perfect for every user and website. All themes at Press75 are built upon a solid code framework that has been made perfect over time.

It is the best choice for designers and developers because it gives full control over customization. The support is also provided to help out both beginners and web developers whenever they need it. There are total 17 themes available at Press75, which can be purchased according to two options:

  • Access to all themes for one year in US$75
  • Access to all themes for lifetime in US$275


  • Usability and functionality of themes are generally considered excellent
  • Excellent customer support is provided
  • The themes are great for using in video websites, social websites


  • Prices are considered quite expensive
  • Themes are not considered good for using in personal websites and portfolio
  • The collection of themes is not that large

Press75 offers you efficient, clean and unique themes. The good thing is that themes are released on the monthly basis and the existing themes are also updated. Their usability and functionality is among their best aspects and the customer support is exceptional. However, some people think of theme prices as expensive.

9. WPZoom


WPZoom offers professional looking premium WordPress themes for business owners, freelancers, developers, publishers, etc. Every theme is built with a user-friendly admin panel and a lifetime free support from WPZoom team.

It has introduced a new feature called WP Builder that allows you to build complex page layouts without having any knowledge about coding. There are currently 53 themes that you can buy on WPZoom with different prices such as:

  • Themes starting from US$75 (Single license) for per theme
  • Extended License of 3-for-1 theme at US$125
  • Membership for all themes in US$199 (Start-up-fee) + US$19/mo
  • WP Builder is available with Personal License in US$59


  • Themes are specially designed for niches
  • Lifetime free support from WPZoom team
  • Prices are reasonable according to quality


  • There is no refund policy
  • Window advertising of WPZoom new themes in WordPress dashboard can be annoying

WPZoom has a reputation of providing high quality in reasonable price. They offer plenty of WordPress themes which are designed for the niches. The support is quite reliable and  full instruction is provided before downloading the theme. However, the no refund policy can be a pain but the company allows refund if the problem is genuine.

10. OrganicThemes


OrganicThemes focus towards providing wide range of premium WordPress themes that are especially created for the designers, artists, bloggers and businesses. The expert developers at OrganicTheme make sure that new themes are released on regular basis.

Also, all the existing themes are updated after a specified time period so that they remain compatible with latest WordPress version. Each theme is fully customizable and has the ability to load faster.

These simple and original themes can attract the visitors very quickly and can generate a good traffic for you. There are two options through which you can buy themes:

  • Themes starting from US$69/per theme
  • Buy all the themes in US$249


  • Easily customized themes that people with little HTML and CSS knowledge and skills can also do
  • All themes are compliant with latest WordPress version
  • The best themes if you are looking for minimal designs


  • Very few themes to offer
  • Not a good reputation in refunding
  • In order to use the design, additional plugin has to be purchased

All the themes are easily customizable and anyone having little knowledge of HTML and CSS coding can use them. The theme are compatible with latest WordPress versions. I would recommend Organic Themes to everyone who is looking for minimal designs.

11. GraphPaperPress


GraphPaperPress offers premium WordPress themes that are of minimal graphics, content-rich, and fresh. You can enable multiple entry points to your reader with these themes. All the themes are of highest quality and have the ability to transform your traditional blog to a beautiful portfolio or even a news magazine website.

Their themes are very handy for the artists, photographers, developers and small businesses. There are currently 51 themes in their collection with two options for buying the themes:

  • Themes starting from US$79/per theme
  • Get access to all the themes for US$149


  • You can easily integrate photographs on your WordPress sites
  • They have their own Framework called Base
  • Best customer support is provided


  • Some users claims that their themes don’t render well on smartphones.
  • Latest themes are not minimalist in design.
  • Customizing can be difficult if you don’t know coding

GraphPaperPress offers great functionality in terms of blog organization and viewing. It has partnered with PhotoShelter to provide customers new tools to integrate photographs in their WordPress sites.  All the themes are in minimalist designs. They have created their own framework called Base to build all the latest themes.

12. OrganizedThemes


OrganizedThemes have quality WordPress themes that can be used for non-profit purposes, businesses, restaurants and churches. All the themes are visually interesting and very easy to use. Themes also include control panel so that you can manage your website without editing the code. Each theme is professionally designed and can be customized easily according to the need. Themes are very affordable and can be purchased according to these ways:

  • Individual theme in US$49
  • Membership to access all themes in US$59 (6 months)
  • Membership to access all themes in US$89 (12 months)
  • Membership to access all themes in US$149 (Lifetime)


  • Visually interesting themes
  • Control panel is included to manage websites without editing the code
  • Buy one and get one free scheme


  • The collection of themes is very few
  • Price of a single theme is considered expensive
  • It is hard to get a refund

OrganizedThemes offer quality non-profit themes that can be used in business, restaurants, churches, etc. Each theme they offer is visually interesting and can be easily used. Also, they include a control panel so that everyone can easily edit the themes.

13. Themetrust


Themetrust offers premium WordPress themes and plugins that are very beautiful to view and easy to use. All themes have clean and elegant designs that can make your site stand out from the crowd.

Themetrust offers a lifetime fast and friendly support on purchasing any WordPress theme. Each theme is being tested on the major browsers before launching to make sure that they are browser compatible. All the themes are available to purchase with a special offer:

  • Buy one theme and get one theme free
  • This makes each theme price to be US$24.50


  • Themes are relatively cheap than others
  • All themes come with a lifetime support
  • Themes are very clean and minimalistic


  • There are few themes is the collection
  • The support is considered slow
  • No account area for managing the purchases

Themetrust offers a great collection of clean and minimal designs with affordable prices. However, services are very basic and slow support is provided. Themes are very easy to use and you can customize them according to your need. I would recommend it to those who are new to WordPress and looking for simple design.

14. ThemeShift


Themeshift offers premium WordPress themes that are professionally designed and well- coded. It has many features that can turn your blogging software into a CMS. You can easily customize the ThemeShift code according to your need because each theme is well-coded and structured.

The latest themes by ThemeShift are built on the FrameShift Framework as a solid base that has powerful features for regular users of WordPress, theme developers and customizers. There are different options for purchasing themes:

  • You can download Gratis themes for free
  • Single theme can be purchased in €39
  • Buy 2 themes for €59
  • You can purchase 3 themes for €79
  • 4 themes can be purchased for €99


  • 3 language theme features can translate content in English, German, or Spanish
  • Themes have monotone color designs for bringing simplicity in the content
  • Customer support is great with options in 3 languages


  • Few themes are only offered
  • Installations can be complicated for starters
  • Price of themes is in euros not dollars

ThemeShift have a unique feature of 3 languages that is not offered by most of the WordPress theme marketplaces. Every theme is using CSS styles for WordPress page navigation plugins. The customer support is excellent and also provided in 3 languages. However, the payment is done in euros and there is no bulk discounts offered.

15. FlexiThemes


FlexiThemes turn your ideas into a professionally designed, fully functional websites. All the themes are of finest quality and can be easily used, managed and customized. Each theme you see on the site is visually interesting and fits properly on your website or blog.

With a theme option page, you can manage your site without having any kind of sound knowledge about code editing. You can browse your favorite themes for different categories. The FlexiThemes are available at very affordable prices which follow:

  • Single theme starting from US$29.90
  • Membership plans to access all themes starting from US$39.90 (1 month)
  • Membership plan to access all themes in US$49.90 (3 months)
  • Membership plan to access all themes in US$59.90 (6 months)
  • Membership plan to access all themes in US$69.90 (Annual Access)


  • Many features such as multi-functional theme options page, a network of support and documentation functionality are provided
  • Theme graphics is compatible with all major browsers
  • Very low subscription charges to access all the themes


  • No per theme price is available
  • Some designs are not very stylish in terms of their price
  • Refund can be hard to get

Flexithemes have very elegant and flexible designs. There are integrated social networking and sharing icons that can be used without any plug-ins. The themes are best for using in personal blog websites. The support is very good and the response is also quick. However, the company has a no per theme price and access to all the themes is available with low monthly subscriptions.


WordPress is a very popular platform used for blogging all around the world. So, all these marketplaces can help your website or blog to get famous around the world. Before leaving, please tell which themes are you using for your websites or blogs? Also, if you liked the article don’t forget to share it with your friends. If you want to share your thoughts, feel free to do it by simply commenting below.

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