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1stwebdesigner Evolution – Exciting Changes

Title-1st-evolution-community-postHello my dear 1stwebdesigner loyal readers, new visitors, all who enjoy whatever a hell I am trying to do here!! I’ve been promising for a long time, I will create such posts in newsletter format and I definitely will, but now 1stwebdesigner also got into big storm of changes.

So what has been changing? Maybe you noticed I haven’t posted anything for 2 weeks and there are many new and promising guest writers in our blog? To be exact now we are trying to manage like 20–30 guest authors, teach them, discuss details and finally create some kind of automated way how to submit, review and publish articles in meantime not loosing article quality.

Fresh Article Each Day – Growing Seriously!

Why we are trying so hard to deliver 1 article/day, not to stick with old good high quality post every 3–4 days? Because of you, guys! We want to stand out, we need something unique, something different from thousands of design blogs. It’s been a while since you cannot stand out just by writing good stuff or giving away freebies, tutorials – now you need to get strong attention using social network in smart way and I consider it to be my strongest side – definitely not an easy task. Only I am worried now, it will be much harder to keep high and even grow higher article quality, but we all are working very hard, it cannot hurt!

Also we want to change 1stwebdesigner site article structure – we don’t want them to be just neverending lists, everybody is capable of writing without little knowledge. We want to bring value – teach you how to do things, give away freebies, not include top 100 but just top 10 and explaind why we included each of those picks and how you could choose which to use by yourself. We have vision we are trying to make and for now it repaid us as 20% traffic and income growth in January.


Why I am not writing to 1stwebdesigner for some time – just guest authors?

Oh, you cannot imagine how much time it takes to talk with every guest author, manage articles daily in the meantime not forgeting about monetizing, marketing and social networking to keep finding new traffic sources. It has been hard time, but soon we will be able to manage and find good system how to review and schedule articles.

And also there are several huge pros with guest writers – I have been writing here alone for a long time, I am learning together with you guys, but I think it’s not enough. Each guest writer has his own unique experience, opinion, way of thinking and interesting idea what to teach you – you cannot miss this important aspect!

Official Thanks To New Guest Authors


Oh, yes – running, running, managing, asking for new articles all the time, but really nothing of this would be possible without you guys!

  • Anastasia Miles
  • Andy Walpole
  • Ayaz Malik
  • Cosmin Lupsan
  • Cyrus Patten
  • Daniels Mekšs
  • Gustavs Jurisons
  • Kannan Sanjeevan
  • Mark Thompson
  • Mahmoud Deiab
  • Omar Corrales
  • Peteris Kelle
  • Poonam Agarwal
  • Saad Bassi
  • Srikanth AD
  • Tom Walker
  • Yanuar Prisantoso

…and many more smart and promising guest writers coming up! Thank to you all for spending time and your knowledge to make 1stwebdesigner better source for all designers! All I want to ask is – don’t lose trust in us, keep working, keep coming back – for me it’s a great feeling to stick in community, feel appreciated,

Our new, helpful 1stwebdesigner team

Why I am saying all the time we, not just me anymore?

For two months already we are working from office, 1stwebdesigner is not some underground blog now – it’s been growing up. I am working there with Maris Dagis, founder of and, he has already 3–4 years experience in this field and we are brainstorming new ideas, great solutions and ways how to create our blogs better daily.


Also we have Ligita Klūga, invisible, but very necessary and helpful face in our blog – she is working on article promotion and some automatized ways how to evolve our social networking.

And Finally I need to inform you about biggest changes we’ve got!

New Co-Editor Saad Bassi

We have new co-editor, great guy Saad Bassi from, I don’t know what could I do without him by now. We are now both officially managing guest author e-mails, do article reviewing and now we are working on new Guest Writers Guide to teach how to write good posts for 1stwebdesigner.

In future I hope he will be able to manage it alone and I will focus more then to social networking, marketing where I feel the most confident. It will give you back many more giveaways, interesting contests, hopefully some weekly events as well and much much more!


By the way soon I will announce our Deviantart group too, we try there to build community, get friendly designer from Deviantart to get some interviews, tutorials, great – neverending inspiration and maybe even some freebies!


Now we are just started, categorizing everything, submitting, searching for group editors – if you are good designer and you have good taste, I would suggest for you to leave comment here and start to join into community by editing, accepting,declining and searching for fresh, new and unique designs all over Deviantart world!

This is just short intro, don’t worry when we will go live with it, I will inform you in details, why I think we need this group, what good it will do for our community and actually where it will lead 1stwebdesigner site.

If you have any suggestions how to improve our group, I would be glad to hear from you!

Inner Insight - 1stwebdesigner Deviantart Group

Oh well, there are several new projects coming up collaborating with Maris Dagis, but those I will keep in secret for now until release date!

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