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1WD 2 Year Anniversary And Massive 6000$ Worth Giveaway

Hello everybody! Finally that day has come! Which day you may ask?

Well…where should I start? –  today 1WD is celebrating 2 years anniversary and fourth (4th) version of design.

We were working really hard all summer, and if one year ago I was working all alone, now I am honored to have a beautiful team together with me including several full time writers Rean, Sheena, Jane, Michael,Charina with our main chief editor Saad Bassi and social media ninja Ligita Kluga.

Huh, also what I need to add, our actual 2 years anniversary was on August 30, but we didn’t announce it because our new design wasn’t finished. Now it’s here and we are finally ready to move on!

I was planning this new design for almost half a year,  I changed its look a lot of times and even thought of hiring a web designer – because as a designer myself I was never satisfied with  final outcome.

Finally I thought it would be really a shame for a designer, to get his own page designed by someone else and put everything aside and seriously got to work. The site you are seeing right now is final outcome, and this is how 1WD site should look from the very beginning 2 years ago!  I really hope you love it the same way as I do and you are very much welcomed to reveal your first impressions in our comment section, which is much prettier now too by the way!

Before we announce our huge giveaway to celebrate this big event and launch, I think now is the best time to look back again and show off all achievements, show what really made 1WD grow so much and how do we intent to keep it growing even further! Last year we actually did the same process, and today we will compare both years to make this even more interesting. Are you excited and cannot wait for the results? Let’s start!

Personally I think the main turning point was the moment, when 1WD got a great team –  Saad Bassi, who is our main editor and Ligita Kluga, who does all the hard work into backlink building and social promoting. I just went more in background and finally got more time to work on new ideas, try new social media promotion ways, went deeper in marketing research and of course, worked on new redesign a lot.

Besides our team, we also got huge team of regular and not so regular guest writers, who altogether allowed us to go from 2–3 articles per week to 12 articles per week! We are still working on increasing both quality and quantity, but since our readership is increasing –  I consider that article count increase is appreciated by people and we are doing the right thing.d


As you can see from our Archive section from Year 2010 article count started to increase and it happened because of other changes –  I finally got an office – 1WD headquarters and good workplace increased work efficiency greatly. Before that for almost 1.5 years I was working from home, it was not an easy task.

I am sure you cannot wait to see some public stats to measure 1WD growth, enough words..let’s see real numbers.

I must say once site is established, all you have to do is to keep providing constant quality and content –  1WD kept very similar mode all the time and proved to be a regular source where to look for web design related articles and readership continued to grow. Of course, article count also increased traffic from Google, more articles – more chances to be noticed.

Public Stats:

  • Now – 1,811 / Last Year – 10,780 Alexa Rank
  • Now –  5,792 / Last Year – 18,538 Compete Rank
  • Now –  2,013 / Last Year – 950 Bookmarks
  • Now –  180,142 / Last Year –  25,382 Inbound Yahoo Links
  • Now – 64,095 / Last Year –  14,666 RSS Subscribers
  • Now –  23,463 / Last Year –  5,174 Twitter Followers
  • Stayed the same –  5/10 GooglePage Rank
  • Now –  more than 1,5 million / Last year –  more than 400,000 unique visits in August 2009
  • New – we created Facebook page, better later than never, which has 1,559 fans for now. Need to work more on Facebook, I know.

To put last year stats more in perspective, check out this graph, where I compare this and previous year:


Interesting to analyze now, while unique visits increased –  people also tend to spend less time on page and bounce rate is actually bigger, maybe that’s because of massive social media promotion, where people are used to process huge amounts of information in short time.

What’s your opinion here? Do you have suggestions for us?

  • How do you like current article frequency?
  • Do we deliver quality?
  • Where we should grow now?
  • What kind of content we should deliver more?
  • What would you like to see change in this year?

Would love to hear your feedback if possible, with such big readership we really feel responsible for delivering only the best information to you!

How do we explain constant growth and how do you start your own one?

If there is such question, I think actually the main reason was article count increase, with bigger team we are able to do a lot more than before, where one person just physically isn’t able to write that much articles, do marketing, social media, promotion even working 24/7. I must say if you are really serious about your business, hire people to help you out once you get such chance –  they will help you to grow site to the phase you never imagined, site could reach!

Google traffic increased like 7 times, thanks to the list posts 1WD continue to have big success through Social Media sites like –  StumbleUpon, Twitter, Digg, Delicious, Facebook. Don’t underestimate the power of social networks, it’s really worth spending time to build trusted networks and readership with it.

I am investing a lot of site income in our growth, I am keeping myself just like 1/4 and 3/4 goes into development, payments, hosting expenses because I know 1WD can grow a lot bigger, I really want it to become number 1 source for each web designer. If you have a passion – you can achieve the same as I did here, just believe yourself and don’t leave your dreams too fast, give them actual chance.

If you want to go to past and see how and why 1WD began its success, read last year’s report post –  1st Year Of Blogging: Success And Achievements.

About New Site Design


At first I wanted to mix giveaway, 1WD redesign process and stats in the one post, but after some thinking I decided that redesign process description need to have separate post so I would be able to explain you whole thinking behind it and show a lot of detail and power in our new design. Keep updated, new article will be out in few days!

The Most Massive Giveaway At 1stwebdesigner Ever – Prizes Worth 6000$ !!!

Well , now we are getting to the best part for you – our huge giveaway and great prizes – everybody loves free stuff right? Christmas came early this time!

We have contacted and collaborated with 15 different companies, which were kind enough to offer really great prizes! Okay, but how can you get them? Actually I will pick winners based on 2 different aspects ( the first one is the most powerful):

  1. Loyal Reader Option – You need to add a comment here or in our Facebook group (join it too if you like it)  in this article status update and tell there what you would like to win in this giveaway together with valuable suggestion, what do you think we would need to do to improve in design, content, functionality – criticize us, we really want to become better!
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    When you have done it, just leave a comment on this post what you would like to win.

As you can see number 1 option is for more loyal readers, who have opinion about what’s happening here and actually wants to help us improve.

Well and number 2 option is for all of us, who just are quickly browsing through and just wants to get nice Christmas gift for this special giveaway occasion!

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