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20 Hot Female Web Designers that Will Take your Breath Away

Sizzling hot designs from hot female web designers will prove that, though web design industry has always been viewed as a world fully packed with men, the best stuff doesn’t always come from them!

Female web designers constantly battle to acquire the top spot in web design industry. Though we cannot speak in numbers, recent blog listing posts is clear evidence of the huge difference in the head count of males and females in this industry. The great thing about knowing this statistic is that, though females are considered few in number in web designing, still most of them are reputable.

Female web designers put their heart and soul on their designs. They even reflect themselves on their works. If there is a saying that you are what you eat; in web designing, we can translate that as “You are what you design!” Having said that, what should we expect from these hot female web designers??

But first let me ask you to hold your breath. To escape from the wrath of the male hot web designers and being accused of being a sexist, let me remind you that this article is made to uplift the spirits of young female web designers. This is to show the little girls out there that web designing is not just a man’s world. To prove that 1stwebdesigner is equal in promoting both sexes in web design, feel free to read this post: 15 Most Influential People in Web Design.

Hot Female Web Designers

1. Rina Miele – @honeydesign

A full-time freelance creative director, designer, providing: web, UI, logo + identity, and typography design.

A lady with a humorous thought. Stalking her Twitter account and an excerpt from one of her interviews proved she really is a fun gal, “I make designs and it’s fun and I’ve been doing it practically my entire life and I like colors and when I grow up I wanna be a supermodel and music is awesome and I love watching anything in HD and I love video games, vinyl toys and Lego™ and this sentence is ridiculous” (Rina Miele Interview).

More than ever, her being part of the small population of female web designers made her sizzling hot! Savor sweet designs Honey Designs.

Hot female designer 05

2. Meagan Fisher – @owltastic

This part of the article will leave you wishing you were an owl! Can we state the obvious? Well, she is the Owl Lover. Imagine what would you feel if you were an owl and this charming lady will stick with you forever!

Meagan is a nocturnal web designer who’s obsessed with typography and textures. You can view her latest works at her dribble account Owltastic.

Hot female designer 02

3. Kate Hatchett – @katerbca

A young talented designer at hedgehog lab.

More than anything else a female’s intelligence outshines all! When she was still a student, Kate was invited to join hedgehog lab because of her amazing design talent. Watch Kate Hatchett change the world through her designs.

Hot female designer 11

4. Rita DeRaedt – @ritaderaedt

A pixel enthusiast,  her first copy of Photoshop during her freshman high school year had lead her to web designing. Why a pixel enthusiast, you say? She has keen eye for details! She is always at her best when designing; that made her a finalist in the .net Awards. Check out Rita’s works.

Hot female designer 18

5. Janna Hagan – @_jannalynn

The worthy winner of .net young designer of the year 2011. She is the creator of A Student’s Guide to Web design. She believes that real-life skills are the most important abilities to acquire if one wants to a web designer. Her stand and action for what she believes in makes her more desirable.

Hot female designer 07

6. Siska Flaurensia – @SiskaFlaurensia

The Pixel Princess. Founder of the Squeeze of Lime Studio. She originally came from the marketing and sales industry. Her solid experience in that field made her more viable in branding, digital design, E-commerce and SEO, web development and hosting. Getting personal, she’s a pretty girl who loves to travel, sing in the car and eat red velvet cupcakes. Siska’s lovely works.

Hot female designer 20

7. Milica Sekulic

The CSS Princess. I salute Milica for believing in girl power. She launched the website CSSPrincess to support women who wish to pursue a web designing career. Let’s know more about Milica.

Hot female designer 14

8. Janelle Hitz – @silkychicken

If we had an owl lover, this one is a unique chicken lover! I didn’t have time to contact her and ask if she loves eating chicken or having them as pets. This is an honest curiosity of mine.

And yes, even her website has a chicken on its name; Check out her cool stuffs!

Hot female designer 09

9. Hillary Hopper – @HillaryHopper

Hillary was one of the nominees of Top 50 designers on Design Shack. She is a user interface designer for mobile games and applications. View Hillary’s portfolio to be inspired.

Hot female designer 04

10. Renee Rist – @RibbonsofRed

Renee Rist is a recipient of the American design award, “Killed Ideas” People Choice Award and Ohio Country Park Website award.Visit her website and learn the deep meaning of Ribbons of Red – her portfolio and blog in one.

Hot female designer 17

11. Irene Demetri – @youandigraphics

Winner of CSS Design Awards December 2010 and on 2012, the tables were turned and she became one of the jury of the said design awards body. She now run Youand I Graphics and also travels across the globe as evident on her website that she loves to travel.

Hot female designer 06

12. Hannah Donovan – @han

A music lover! For five years she led and now she is a part of This is my Jam. She continues her league to improve music on the Web. We can say that her designs are rocking, literally!

Hot female designer 03

13. Jessica Hische – @jessicahische

A little girl from Pennsylvania raised by two noncreative people and pursued her dreams of becoming an artist. Jessica proved that we make our own destiny. What we are right now might have been a result of 10% influence and 90% firm decision. Also, she is an over-sharer who thought that more than cons, sharing online has more pros.

If you are starting web design career, I would suggest you contact Jessica Hische for sure she will share her professional views.

Hot female designer 10

14. Antonea Nabors – @antonea

For her, a good design will be great if it has a functional aesthetics; we cannot agree more with this! Antonea is a typography lover, iPhone fanatic and surfer!

Check out her colony at

Hot female designer 16

15. Liz Andrade – @lizandrade

The Internet nerd and crazy cat lady! And to put two obsession into one she named her cat, Computer! She manages CMDShift Design – a one woman studio specializing in creating complete design solutions.

Hot female designer 13

So far, we have an owl lover, a chicken liker and a cat obsessed female web designer. I suggest you start thinking of involving a pet into your web designing career. Studies shows that pets can improve your health – and for web designers who always sit in front of a computer, some might have stress that only pets can help relieve.

16. Mindy Wagner – @graphicsgirl

Mindy is really holding her top seat in the male dominated web design industry. On one of her interviews,  she gave advice to our young designers: “You want to find someone who will tell you what’s wrong with your design and encourage you to dig deeper” This is the product of practicing what she preached – Mindy Wagner works.

Hot female designer 15

17. Eva-Lotta Lamm – @evalottchen

I frequently hear someone dreaming of working on Google! Imagine their extremely awesooommmee office and the fame you will get from becoming a part of the most famous search engine! Well, at some point we envy designers like Eva for experiencing that. View her works and be inspired!

Hot female designer 01

18. Jan Cavan – @jancavan

Oh my glab! She is being followed by Britney Spears on Twitter! How cool is that???

According to what her About page says, she seemed more busy when not designing. Away from design, she spends her time reading, playing arcade basketball, hiking, volunteering, working on personal projects or random road trips. She also loves performing arts, the movies, music, dance, singing, musicals, collecting Happy Meal Toys, DIY furniture and trying to be a bad-ass ukelele player.

Are you surprise on what she does? Not your ordinary girl right? Well, this one will blow your mind. She’s also a break dancer wanna- be! Before we can see her successfully break dancing on the floor, we can indulge to Jan’s successful web designs for now.

Hot female designer 08

19. Sarah Parmenter

If you are a young lady aspiring to be a hot female web designer someday, you should know and learn from Sarah Parmenter!

Sarah Parmenter keeps on raising the female’s flag of female web designers. She is the founder of – a Europe-based design studio which specializes in attractive and intuitive interfaces for iOS and the Web. Also, she have spoken in many web design seminars and learning sessions.

Hot female designer 19

20. Larissa Meek – @larissameek

An artist, a web designer, host and supermodel!!!

More than a beautiful physique and face, her being an outstanding web designer made her more attractive. Not to mention her care for newbies in this industry. Larissa passionately answers queries from seasoned web designers to beginners as we can read on her website.

Please tell me again why these web designers are hot!

Hot female designer 12

Bonus: Interview with Lea Alcantara


Lea Alcantara is a web designer who runs her own business at  Lealea Design. She was listed as one of the 50 best female web designers in the world. Her article series on The Art of Self-Branding  got a lot of recognition from web designers worldwide.  She also gives occasional talks on branding.

To Conclude

I dug the Internet to find these hot female web designers. I know there are more out there that are waiting to be discovered or were already discovered but I missed, I apologize in advance. If you think you are one of these hot female web designers and you deserve to be mentioned, please comment and let us know how hot you are! We surely will create part two or even three of this article should there be more to include!

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