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20+ Killer WordPress Form Plugins Just For You!

With plenty of tools and plugins, blogging has become so easy today that just about anyone can do it. With enormous amount of competition, you might want to get help from any source you can find.

Plugins are surely one of those help. These can make any process faster and smoother, something that is an advantage to you or your readers.

Having forms plugin that has an easy-to-use interface will make the creation of custom forms effortless. When we talk about websites, forms are one of the most important parts.

Creating forms once required HTML coding experience but plugins have made this very easy. Now, anyone can set-up forms and even the most complex forms as well.

Why do you need a form plugin?

  • User feedback
  • Acceptance of guest posts
  • Selling of products
  • For the comment section

All of these functions require a form plugin. However with so many form plugins available on the Internet, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your site. In today’s post, we have collected 25 best WordPress form plugins to help you make the right decision.

Free WP Form Plugins

We are featuring a list of free WP form plugins below. Go through their features and chose the best one.

1. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7

  • Ability to manage several contact forms easily
  • With rich interface, customization is very easy
  • Displays CAPTCHA images on your contact forms

Personal review

I would recommend this plugin to everyone who wants to get rid of spam. With its CAPTCHA images, you can have fool-proof security. Although there are some timely complains regarding the free version of this plugin, the pro version is faultless.

2. Visual Form Builder

Visual Form Builder

  • Excellent drag-and-drop UI
  • Build a contact page with single click
  • Manage form entries in WP dashboard

Personal review

This plugin is designed to make your form creation process quicker. You don’t need to edit PHP, CSS, or HTML. Although some people complain about having custom error messages, it has a broad FAQ section that can help you with anything.

3. X Forms Plugin

X Forms

  • Easy to use Admin interface
  • Everything is available on one single screen
  • Forms and settings can be accessed by a single click

Personal review

This plugin offers some excellent features. It allows you to create online forms to include in your websites. The drag and drop functionality, which some people complained about, has now been fixed with an update.

4. Slick Contact Forms

Slick Contact Forms

  • Creates a standard WP widget for placing on any post of page
  • Display contact forms via drop down button, and slider
  • Each form has up to 3 text input fields and one text area

Personal review

This plugin can handle multiple forms on each page. You can also set the location of the floating button. Many people find WP-contents to be hard-coded but, overall, the configuration is excellent.

5. Easy Contact Forms

Easy Contact Forms

  • Visitor-friendly contact forms
  • Excellent anti-spam protection
  • Advanced contact form entry management tool

Personal review

This is a very simple plugin for beginners and professionals. With few clicks, you can build an excellent form. Besides their lack of good support, people find this to be a great plugin for creating forms.

6. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms

  • Wide range of fields
  • A free core plugin
  • Easy-to-use form builder

Personal review

This plugin features a question and answer option to secure your site from spam. The bad thing is that you have to pay for the extensions. However, the support provided is exceptional.

7. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms

  • Simple drag and drop interface for creating forms
  • Advance capabilities to create posts, pages and custom post types
  • Integrates with CAPTCHA and Akismet for spam control

Personal review

This plugin makes so many things possible. You can make surveys and allow people to track progress. However, for future retrieval, you need to purchase the full version.

8. Breezing Forms

Breezing Forms

  • Responsive forms
  • MailChimp newsletter integration
  • Ajax file uploads with progress bars

Personal review

This is a very powerful plugin that supports responsiveness. However, the free version has just a few useful features, but the pro version has everything in it.

9. Form Maker

Form Maker

  • Multiple pre-installed sample forms
  • Twelve form fields with detailed parameters for creating forms
  • CAPTCHA/ RE-CAPTCHA for using secure forms

Personal review

With this plugin, you can customize the colors, fonts, submit buttons and the size of the forms elements. It also allows for custom CSS and JavaScript. The bad thing is that many people find the anti-spam measures to be inefficient.

10. Contact Form Manager

Contact Form Manager

  • Create multiple custom forms and place them on site using shortcodes
  • Ability to send an auto reply
  • Support all common form elements

Personal review

This plugin has everything that you need from a simple webform. However, there are too many complaints about issues regarding the CAPTCHA problem. Nevertheless, I recommend it because it supports all the major form elements.

Premium WP Form Plugins

Still searching for the right form plugin for you? Here are some more high quality premium form plugins. Although they have price tags, but they surely are worth it.

11. Quform


  • No HTML or PHP skills required
  • Flash upload progress
  • JavaScript calendar with 24 themes and 62 languages

Personal review

Quform is an advanced WordPress plugin for quickly building multiple forms. However, it is not available in the free version and you have to buy it for US$29.

12. Abatly


  • Export and Import your data
  • Use shortcodes in any area
  • Add comment to messages

Personal review

This is a very useful plugin form for WordPress. With this plugin, you can receive messages through your personal as well as the site admin email. However, there is no support for multi-pages.

13. Ether Forms

Ether Forms

  • Widgets accept shortcodes and HTML notation
  • Customizable form submit button
  • Form entries viewable from WordPress admin

Personal review

This plugin provides a visual composer that allows creating complex form layouts easily. At beginning, some users were having issue with the radio buttons but this issue was eventually fixed with an update.

14. nForms


  • Multi-column form layout
  • Responsive forms
  • Use forms in a popup box

Personal review

With this plugin, all your data is safely stored in the database. You can also use forms using a shortcode. Some people have problems with its submit button but it can be fixed with an update.

15. WP FrontEnd Form

WP FrontEnd Form

  • Setting Recaptcha to prevent spamming
  • Scheduling delete article rejected
  • Actions are handled by Ajax

Personal review

It is the best plugin for creating blog posting forms, news posting forms, job posting forms, etc. However, editing PHP can be complicated for the beginners.

16. jWizard Forms

jWizard Forms

  • Effortless creation of forms via drag-and-drop interface
  • Forms can be created, edited, or re-used
  • Forms can be created in any language

Personal review

With this plugin, you can create forms for your specific needs. You can also re-use form templates that you have already created. However, many people find the demo version to have  some issues. I would recommend using the full version.

17. FlexForms

Flexible Front-End

  • Drag-and-drop user interface
  • Customize each form you create
  • Create different contact or feedback forms anywhere on any page

Personal review

This plugin allows you to browse your created forms, edit or remove them or speed up the development. However, there is no upload and CAPTCHA option available.

18. FormCraft


  • Retina-optimized images for fields
  • Auto-save form data for the end-user
  • Create multi-column layouts with the click of a button

Personal review

With this plugin, you can create awesome, gorgeous forms without writing any code. On the other hand, there is no support for auto complete fields, which can be annoying.

19. Daisy


  • Beautifully rendered popup modal
  • jQuery UI form builder
  • Very flexible and customizable

Personal review

This is a very user-friendly WordPress plugin that helps make your work easier. However, I would not recommend this if you are not familiar with building plugins because you cannot add CAPTCHA to the form without modifying the plugin.

20. Creative Unified Forms

Creative Unified

  • Powerful constructor to design any kind form
  • A variety of settings to control your form looks
  • Full control over label button

Personal review

With this plugin, you can create forms with unlimited fields, contents and looks. However, the form only works for the fronte-nd part of the WordPress.

21. Mapped contact form pro


  • Fancy JQuery offline validation
  • 60 Custom markers
  • Google Maps API V3

Personal review

This plugin works for one or more multiple locations and you can have different e-mail address for every location. However, there is no support for highlighting a specific radius area for your business.

22. Modal Contact Form

Modal Contact Form

  • Adds a ‘contact us’ button to your WordPress site
  • Capture the users IP address and user agent along with their message
  • RECAPTCHA Anti-spam

Personal review

With this plugin, you can easily add a stylish contact form to your WP blog.  There is no demo version to facilitate the users but, the plugin is overall excellent to use.

23. ARForms


  • Built-in support for auto responder system integration facility
  • You can create tons of forms with one click
  • It has several e-mail marketing systems

Personal review

This is a very good plugin. It has a user friendly form builder to create several forms in one click. The good thing is that you don’t need advanced knowledge for it. The bad thing is that there is no extended license offered.

24. Gravity Forms


  • Tons of free and commercial add-ons
  • Ability to create subscriptions, directories, polls, invoices with Freshbooks
  • Easy configuration for title, description, and settings

Personal review

This is one of the favorite plugins used by WordPress professionals. It is way more than just a simple contact form. However, there is no free version; you have to buy it for US$39/per year.

25. WordPress HoneyPot

Wordpress HoneyPot

  • The latest technology for securing your forms from spammers
  • No user interaction is required
  • Zero configuration plugin

Personal review

This plugin makes your protection even stronger. No CAPTCHA images are used. With one click, you can make your forms smarter. There is no support for Visual Form Builder. The plugin is updated every 2 weeks.


This is my list for 25 best WordPress plugin from that you can use to optimize your WP site. Each one of these is designed to help you in feedback system, contact forms, or surveys. You don’t need any coding skills for all these plugins; just install them and you are ready to go. However a full customization is also provided for those who want to make editing in the codes.

If you know any other plugin that you use but, I have missed here or there is any plugin that shouldn’t be in the list? Please share your thoughts in the below comment section. I would love to hear about it!

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