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25 Creative Office Supplies and Accessories for Web Designers

Web designers are innovative people who spend their entire day in creating interesting things and inspiring their surroundings. However, they have to work in mind-numbing environment in their offices. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why creative office supplies have been marketed.

Every designer works for 8-9 hours in the office and spends half of the day in an environment full of projects, layouts, and client meetings, etc, thus, bringing stress to the mind. Making the office an enjoyable place to work can be the best treatment for maintaining focus on the work.

If you feel like a little unimaginative in the office, then, maybe it’s time to make some changes around your surroundings. I am not talking about reconstructing your office; just add some creative supplies and accessories on your desk and you’re good to go.

Here is a list of some creative gadgets that can bring more creativity to a web designer’s work in the office.

1. La City Set



This is an ideal desk organizer for web designers. The porcelain pieces consist of pen and pencil cups, small boxes and open containers, paper clips, eraser and USB keys. The set has a beautiful white color that will suit perfectly on your desk. You can purchase this set for US$81.90.

2. Door hangers

Door hangers

Hang your jackets, bags and some stuff on these wonderful designed hangers. Door hangers are offered in two designs, hanging on one hand or two hands. The set of each design can be purchased for US$13.00.

3. Pulpop speaker

pulpop speaker

This is a USB rechargeable MP3 speaker that is made from recycled pulp. It has a doughnut shape style. It is very light weight. The sound gets amplified with vibration inside the hollow space of the speakers. You can purchase this speaker for US$56.00.

4. Bolt


The world’s smallest portable battery backup and wall charger can charge any phone including iPhone, Samsung, and other devices. You can charge your phone and internal battery at the same time. Bolt is available for US$59.99.

5. Picture Hanger

Picture Hanger

Picture hanger gives you the most fun and easiest way to display your pictures, memos, and tickets, etc. It can be a great accessory for your office and home. The little birds on a wire work as clips strung on a 32-inch clothesline. You can purchase this beautiful picture hanger for US$11.89.

6. Key Pete

Key Pete

This is a super strong magnetic key holder that guards your keys from losing. You can hang up to 30 keys at one time on it. The amazing magnetic arm can hold your keys forever. You can stick your keys on one arm while the other arm can be attached to any surface from a filing cabinet to a fridge. The product is available for US$29.55.

7. Novelty Computer Keys

Novelty Computer Keys

These are fun computer keys with real covering and stick backing. Use these fun computer keys whenever you feel frustrated. Simply peel and stick them on the keyboard, monitor or any other device and enjoy. The 8-pack computer keys can be purchased for US$16.50 + $3.96 shipping.

8. Staple-Less Staplers

Staple-Less Staplers

With this gadget, you can never run out of staples on your desk. These staple-less staplers combine your papers by punching a small hole in the documents and folds the remaining flaps to make the binding stronger. The set of two staple-less staplers can be purchased for US$16.

9. Desktop Dogs

Desktop Dogs

Keep your desk supplies in front of you all the time. These desktop dogs will catch all the necessary things you need on the desktop. The dog can hold on to your sticky notes in the mouth and also stores pens and pencils in its ears. The helpful desk gadget is available in US$20.00.

10. Perpetual Calendars

Perpetual Calendars

This is a brilliant and modern calendar that can be used year after year on your desktop. Just mark the date and month by moving the two magnetic balls to start the calendar. This truly artistic calendar is available for US$28.00.

11. Canoe Pencil Case

Canoe Pencil Case

Organize your pencils and other important stationary material easily. This pencil case is made up of cotton canvas to keep your things safe. The beautiful red color case will look amazing on your desk. You can purchase this accessory for US$24.00.

12. Wood Veneer Tape

Wood Veneer Tape

This paper-adhesive-natural-wood tape keeps your important notes in front of you all the time. It works as a glue stick and keeps your important pages attached with the desk all the time. The Wood Veneer Tape is available for US$14.00.

13. Clip Spring Photo Holder

Clip Spring Photo Holder

This is a beautiful clip spring holder which includes seven clips to hold your most important photos. The material is made of wood and metal, which is a complete value for the money. You can have this device on your desktop for US$78.00.

14. Dachshund Letter Holder

Dachshund Letter Holder

This is an adorable dachshund letter holder for your desks. The quality is perfect with properly finished curves. The metal is water-resistant. It also contains a pen holder at the back of the dog. The price of this gadget is US$32.00.

15. Heavy Metal Rock Band

Heavy Metal Rock

Now you can make your work more interesting with this heavy metal trio of desk sculptures. The sculptures are made of objects that you think are no more usable but, once they get on your desktop they become useful. You can purchase it for US$51.67.

16. iPhone Charger Stickers

iPhone Charger Sticker

All the white Apple accessories can be confusing and easy to loose but not when you put a human face on them. These sly vinyl labels will help you to keep your stuff apart. They can be easily fitted to all your favorite accessories including iPhones, iPods and iPads. You can purchase it for US$13.98.

17. Crocheted Headphones

Crocheted Headphones

These charming headphones will make your music experience more powerful. These are covered up with yarn and ready to be plugged with your favorite playlist. The design is unique and attractive. It can make you stand out from the crowd. The price of this gadget is US$40.85.

18. Solar Charging Station

Solar charging station

This is a solar charging station for your all mobile phones and MP3 players. It can be an attractive accessory on your desk. It has a Suntree shape, which gets the energy by 9 solar sheets that charge a rechargeable 1350 mAh lithium battery inside. The device is available for US$165.15.

19. POP Phone Handset

POP Phone Handset

The device has been built with a high quality speaker and microphone which can be used with all mobile phone devices. You can use this device for VOIP computer telephone calls such as Skype, Google Talk, etc. The product is fitted with a 3.5mm jack that is compatible with iPhone. The product is available for US$27.95.

20. Cable Turtle

Cable Turtle

The product is made from thermoplastic rubber and polypropylene joint. It is designed to keep unsightly electric wires and cables out of vision. Simply close the device and all wires will be out of sight. The product is available for US$10.27.

21. Ecal


This is a magnetic paper clip holder that looks exactly like a flying saucer. The material is made from thermoplastic resin which captures paper clips magnetically to keep them away from your sight. The product is available for US$47.14.

22. Hand-held Feather Mobile

Hand-held Feather Mobile

This is a game for all ages that is designed as a windmill. You can hold this Hand-held feather mobile or you can leave it on its base. You can place it on the windowsill or desk. The price of this device is US$40.00.

23. iConvert Scanner for iPad Tablet


The product is compatible with the 30-pin connector in iPads. You can easily and quickly scan your documents and convert them to JPEG files. You can save photos and your important documents directly to iPad tablet. The product is available for US$79.99+$7.99 shipping.

24. Click Cube Clocks

Click cube clock

With this gadget, you can have the time at the click of your fingers. The device also shows the temperature, date and time. Alarm clock is also included so that you stay alert at every meeting and project. The product is available for US$50.49.

25. Shiro Pencil/Pen Holder

shiro pencil

This is a creative gadget for the creative designers. The top ring gives an illusion that it is  floating but is actually welded onto the acme pencil. This is a perfect accessory to keep on your desk so that you remain imaginative all the time. The product is available for US$30.00.


If you are surrounded with all these accessories in your office, you are most likely to remain creative all the time. You can enjoy your time in the office and improve the atmosphere around you and your desk.

So, that was my list for creative office supplies and accessories. Did you like it? If you know any other gadgets that I missed on this list, please share them in the below comment section.

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