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27 Best Looking Free Drupal 6 Themes

There are hundreds of Drupal themes which you can find on the Internet but not all of them are good looking. So, this time I have collected the best looking free Drupal 6 themes I have found.

I have no idea how much of you guys use Drupal, but I’m a big fan of Drupal and this time I take a big risk and hope you’ll at least check out this selection and compare it with your CMS. Drupal is definitely worth trying out, it has a lot more customization options and chances to add different features, which even mighty WordPress cannot handle.

1. BlogBuzz

Stunning Drupal theme! Everything is so clean, very well made. Could be a great theme for your portfolio web site or a blog.


2. Magazeen

Great looking theme! Just clean and shiny.


3. Gardening

Beautiful cartoon-style Drupal theme. Great piece of art!


4. Acquia Prosper

Clean, good looking theme for an e-commerce website.


5. ColorPaper

Great piece of work! The best implementation of this theme could be for a blog or just a personal website.


6. Beach

Good looking Drupal theme. It has a nice underwater feeling.


7. Notechoas

Interesting piece of art. Background has a big role in this theme.


8. RootCandy

This is very cool and great looking theme for Drupal’s administration section. Everything looks clean and shiny and those icons look awesome.


9. Scruffy

Great Drupal theme for a blog.


10. Grassland

This theme looks nice. There’s a positive atmosphere inside this theme.


10.1. Clean Design – The Clean and Elegant Drupal Theme

View Demo

11. Coolweb

Great theme for a corporate website!


12. Cleanfolio

Beautiful theme for a small and simple website.


13. Abstract

Beautiful theme for a blog or portfolio website!


14. Fusion Theme

Clean and simple theme which looks great!


15. A3 Atlantis

Very interesting theme. Could be good for a corporate website.


16. Orange

Very well made and great looking theme for a social networking site!


17. Arclite Theme

Clean and simple theme which could be great for a blog.


18. Fields 2009 template

Good looking theme for a corporate website.


19. NonZeroRed DTB

Just a simple and good looking theme. Could be implemented for many types of websites.



19. City Magazine – The Most Advanced Drupal Theme

CMS Magazine is a Powerful Professional Premium Drupal theme. It comes with an impressive fully customizable jQuery homepage slider with more than 10 different jQuery effects together with fixed/fluid,  1, 2, 3 Column Layout Options on a click.

View Demo

20. Elements Theme

Interesting Drupal theme. Could look good for a portfolio website.


21. A Cold Day

Nice looking theme which has three color versions available.


22. Ebizon RedFire

If you want just a clean and simple website then this theme is a theme you are looking for.


23. Acquia Marina

Cool theme for many types of websites.


24. Alek 2.0

Simple Drupal theme for a simple website.


25. Twittish

If you would like that your website would look like Twitter then you have found the best solution for you!


26. AD Redoable

Simple theme which would look great for a portfolio website.


27. Austin Zen Sub Theme

If you want just a simple website without any flashy, shiny elements then this simple theme is for you.


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