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30+ WordPress Themes powered by jQuery and Ajax

jQuery is a fast and excellent JavaScript library that can be used to creates flexibility on designs and interactivity on your WordPress themes and with Ajax you can reload a certain part of the website without reloading the whole page. It promises to have a ” write less, do more” functions. With a few line of codes, you will have a fantastic WordPress theme that will “wow” your visitors.

In this article, I’ll be featuring WordPress themes powered by jQuery and Ajax.

1. Arras Theme (Free)

Arras Theme has a sleek style that offers a bunch of content rolled in a site. For game enthusiast, this is the beginner choice.

Key Features:

  • 7 Styles:brown, blue, green, red, orange, violet, legacy
  • Top and main navigation with full menu support
  • Custom post types and taxonomies support
  • Multiple selection of categories
  • Improve thumbnail system
  • New and improved theme options

2. WP CODA (Free)

WP CODA is popular on its design and layout. It is one of the few that has a cool slider themes.

Key Features:

  • Home page featured scroller
  • A widgetized home page
  • Timeline Page Template
  • Custom Widgets
  • Alternative Styles

3. Travel Diary (Free)

The look of this theme is more of a dirty, mountain looking. If you have blogs about mountaineering, dessert or anything with related to dusty travel this is the one for you.

Key Features:

  • 2 Columns
  • Adsense Ready
  • Footer Bar
  • Large Footer
  • Right Side Bar
  • Widget Ready

4. Fresh Mag(Free)

Multi-layout magazine style WordPress theme. Great for photographers, artistic people to post their art gallery.

Key Features:

  • Premium, Flexible, Neutral design that can be used by any niche centred site.
  • jQuery featured.
  • Options Page.
  • Compliant with WordPress version 2.7, 2.8, 2.8.1, and 2.8.2.
  • Multi-Layout – Magazine or Blog.
  • Multi-Post-Styling – named as recent and mini posts.
  • Multi-Column Sidebar – 1 or 2 column (2 or 3 column).
  • Columnized Footer – 3 column.
  • Widgetized Sidebars (as three – Top, left, and right) and Footer (all three) columns.
  • Multi-Level dropdown (vertical) navigation menu. and MORE.

5. WP Slider (Free)

It is the combination of wp coda and coda blue. The sliding feature of this is what makes it so cool and easy to use.

Key Features:

  • 3 Fully widgetized sidebars shown side-by-side in the footer
  • Premium Forum Access & Support Included
  • Fully Compatible with FireFox 2 & 3, Internet Explorer 6, 7 & 8, Safari 2+, Opera 9+, iPhone
  • Built-in Customization plugin

6. WP Smashing (Free)

Great colour combination and calendar layout.

Key Features:

  • widget-ready with 4 widget zones
  • 3 column footer and a single column sidebar
  • calendar layout
  • simple contact form in the footer
  • features like in WP Smashing

7. WordPress Slider Theme (Free)

It has an impressive door slider photo slideshow at the top of the menu.

Key Features:

  • Default WordPress functionalities
  • Added photo slider

8. Milano (Free)

Gradient and slider theme that is suit for portfolio or news based site.

Key Features:

  • Premium theme layout.
  • Multi-level dropdown javascript navigation menu.
  • Featured sliding posts.
  • Site wide customizable 125 x 125 custom banner ads.
  • Adsense enabled
  • Tabbed content area (Featured Video/Recent posts/Popular Posts)
  • Two widgetized sidebars
  • Customizable welcome message.
  • Page navigation enabled.
  • WP 2.7 ready, threaded comments
  • Theme support
  • Custom theme option page in the admin panel

9. BlueDock (Free)

What I like about this theme is the flexible expandable hover menu like in Macintosh.

Key Features:

  • Featured Home Page description area (allows html)
  • Latest Post Home Page Styling
  • 2 Column Home Page Excerpts feed
  • 3 Column Widgetized Footer
  • Stylized Comments
  • Meta tag icons (from

10. Prototype (Free)

Prototype has a simple design that offers a parent and grandchildren theme.

Key Features:

  • multiple navigation menus
  • several widget areas
  • per-post layouts
  • allowing anyone from designers to users to quickly creates beautiful sites

11. iTheme (Free)

It designs for mac lovers with a customizable side bar. The arrangement of the widgets that you can drop and drag for your blog needs.

Key Features:

  • Support WordPress Widgets.
  • Drag & drop sidebar
  • Tested on WordPress 2.0 and 2.1 on following browsers: IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera
  • Icons are from iMini set
  • drag & drop Javascript.

12.  Auzora (30$)

Auzora is a theme that really suits for designers, freelancers, photographers or anyone who has interests in arts and designs. It offers a massive theme options that you can edit easily and quickly without touching the codes.

Key Features:

  • 1 page jQuery driven site
  • Extensive theme options panel
  • Custom admin system for the portfolio
  • Portfolio supports images and videos
  • Lightbox preview
  • Unique effect and unique menu
  • Shortcodes
  • Custom and unique image preloader
  • Easy to use
  • Includes PSD and documentation

13. Creative Zodiac (30$)

Creative Zodiac on ThemeForest. It comes with bells and whistles. The colorful appearance yet simple is what makes it stands out.

Key Features:

  • Extensive theme options panel
  • Intro page with 3 link-boxes
  • Well documented theme with included PSD files
  • Light and sleek colorbox
  • Pre-installed TimThumb PHP script for resizing your images automatically
  • Custom Page Templates – (Standard full-width, Blog Template, Gallery/Portfolio Template, Contact Page)
  • Unlimited comments
  • Every blog post can have its own gallery
  • Built in social media sharing
  • Built in search capabilities

14. Bluelight (20$)

Bluelight has a great jQuery functionalities. This theme really suits for business because of the blue and white color and the arrangement of the content in the home page.

Key Features:

  • Easily customizable to fit your logo
  • jQuery Image Slider on homepage
  • jQuery Lightbox Window (see project page for sample)
  • Functioning PHP form (with thank you page)
  • Sticky Footer (footer always remains at bottom of window)
  • Various column options
  • Styling for a blog (if you have one)

15. Sleektabs (30$)

Sleektabs is a jQuery premium WordPress theme that is flexible and dynamic using AJAX with smooth gliding transitions of the contents.

Key Features:

  • Sleek content sliding animation.
  • Option of preloading content, linked in the main navigation, for smoother transitions
  • 3 Skins to choose from
  • Unobtrusive Javascript: unlike similar themes Sleektabs does work 100% without Javascript, so you can reach people with Javascript turned off as well
  • Ajax contact form
  • Many more: Valid HTML & CSS , ajaxed comments, widget ready, works in all major browsers (IE6, IE7 , FF, Opera, Safari, Chrome) etc
  • All PSDs included

16. WordPress Hud (30$)

Modern theme that has a cool effects. It is like a theme for a future world.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited Pattern and Color Options
  • FREE version upgrade if you purchased this theme
  • Featured posts slideshow with 9 effects
  • Slideout menu and widget bar
  • jQuery animations and effects
  • Super easy admin panel (see screenshots)
  • Easy thumbnail images with auto-scaling – no custom fields!
  • Promote your social network!
  • Tooltips – just add a class “tooltip” to links to create your own!
  • Built-in contact and login form
  • Typewriter text effect (optional)

17. Wordfolio (35$)

Scroll in and out of the content is very flexible and stunning.Every press bring you to another content of the page.

Key Features:

  • Valid CSS /XHTML Files (1.0 Strict)
  • Commented and clean CSS /XHTML, and theme files
  • Full layered PSD Files
  • Jquery based transparent showcase in homepage
  • Easy showcase setup with custom fields
  • Modern look dark style layout
  • Editable auto cycle and speed from admin panel
  • Editable freelance status and text from admin panel
  • Widget ready 2 columns

18. Glamzino (Free)

Glamzino offers a Casino theme that suits for gaming, casino, slots, gambling and poker websites.

Key Features:

  • Comes loaded with an inbuilt slider
  • Automatic thumbnails

19. WordPress VCard (20$)

This is for business minded persons that always on the go for the contacts of their clients.

Key Features:

  • 2 different layouts and 6 backgrounds
  • 4 Pages: About, Portfolio, Social, Contact
  • Fully labeled layered, grid based, easily sliceable PSD files
  • Valid CSS /XHTML
  • Twitter script
  • Working Contact Form
  • Cufon font replacement
  • JQuery Form Validation
  • JQuery based photo slider, carousel and lightbox

20. UflexFolio (25$)

It offers in a chick and rocker style portfolio design.

Key Features:

  • 4 COLOR OPTIONS – Easily changeable in theme settings
  • Widget Ready Theme
  • Extensively Documented
  • Clean design
  • Easy to customise template with theme settings panel in WordPress admin.
  • Fancy jQuery widgets to provide moving/animating featured portfolio items on the theme home page

21. WordPress Stealth (30$)

It is suited for corporate websites or portfolio. The theme has a huge slider that makes the visitors to draw their attention in showcasing your works or products.

Key Features:

  • WordPress 3.0 menu support
  • 2 gorgeous skins
  • Cookie integration remembers users color selection
  • Free version upgrade if you purchased this theme
  • Huge post slideshow with 9 effects
  • Easy logo customization
  • “Stealth Menu” that retracts when not in use (optional)
  • “Stealth Footer Widgets” that open on command (optional)
  • Accordion widgets (optional)
  • Super easy admin panel (see screenshots)
  • Easy thumbnail images with auto-scaling – no custom fields!
  • Tooltips – just add a class “tooltip” to links to create your own!
  • Full width page template included

22. Sleekslide (30$)

This theme offers a sleek slider that presents your latest workpiece with your latest blogs and articles ready for viewing.

Key Features:

  • 4 Skins to choose from
  • Admin Page to easily switch styles without the need to edit css or html
  • Ajax improved contact form
  • Jquery multilevel dropdown menu
  • Psd Files for every Skin if you want to edit an existing Sleekslide Skin or create your own
  • 3 different Widget areas for posts, pages and mainpage/portfolio
  • Unobtrusive Javascript, Fallback scenarios if Javascript is turned of by the user
  • Works in all major browsers (notice:slightly different sliding animation in IE6 because of browser limitation

23. ShapeShifter (30$)

ShapeShifter is a single-page WordPress theme for your whole page blog with its simplest theme ever.

Key Features:

  • Custom Admin Panel
  • Unlimited Color Options (with 5 ready-made skins, see below)
  • Installation instructions (with images!)
  • Full PSD & pre-sized PSD ’s for skinning
  • “Build Your Own” Contact Form
  • Image Gallery Template
  • jQuery Lightbox
  • jQuery Footer Bar
  • Cu3er Integration (optional)
  • Cufon Font Replacement
  • Both WordPress and HTML versions included

24. Quambizz (25$)

Quambizz is an easy and clean theme that works for corporate purposes.

Key Features:

  • Well commented and clean CSS /XHTML Files
  • Tableless layout
  • Tested and working in all common browsers. (NOT IE6 )
  • 21 x layered PSD Files
  • Featured Slider
  • Dropdown Navigation
  • Nested Comment
  • Multiple Page templates
  • Multiple Sidebar widgets (page aand blog)
  • Theme admin panel

25. Prominence (30$)

Fresh and clean theme for marketing portfolio. If you are into business, go for this theme that will you surely love.

Key Features:

  • Threaded/Nested comments
  • Custom comments styling (modified default markup through callback)
  • Custom fully functional contact template page with form validation
  • 4 Color Schemes
  • JQuery Color Scheme switcher (can disable in admin panel)
  • 4 Custom page templates (Home, Portfolio, Services, Contact)
  • Home page slider controlled via posts
  • Many different layout options
  • Variety of content presentation options
  • Active navigation for pages
  • Sprite buttons (work, quote, services)
  • Pagenavi plugin integrated
  • Unitpngfix applied for ie transparency
  • Javascript tabs/slider controlled via custom fields
  • Dynamic post thumbnail resizing with timthumb on multiple sections
  • Form validation via Jquery
  • Widget enabled
  • Elements styling
  • Tableless design
  • Tons of admin options including the ability to turn off and on multiple elements
  • Robust/detailed html setup and general information guide

26. PhotoNexus (25$)

PhotoNexus is a theme that great for showcase of your artworks, designs, photography and gallery.

Key Features:

  • Improved Theme Options
  • Title and Caption Supported ( Title only mode, Title and Caption mode , or Title and Caption Off selectable )
  • Caption can carry links ( Useful for external site linking )
  • Adjustable Caption height through Theme Options
  • Uses Category and Page Names instead of ID numerical values in theme options for easier setup
  • Theme background can be filled with an image using theme options
  • Contact template Added – Validates and Sends email via Ajax ( without refreshing page. )
  • Added styles for Page Content styling. ( eg. Price Tables, bullets, checklists, starlists, headings

27. Photo & Graphic Studio (25$)

Photo & Graphic studio offers a theme that suited for photographers and graphic & web designers.

Key Features:

  • Valid CSS /XHTML Files (1.0 Strict)
  • Commented and clean CSS /XHTML, and theme files
  • Full layered PSD Files
  • All browser compatible
  • Flash like, jquery based 2 type showcase (Easy setup with custom fields)
    • Fullscreen background for photography and graphics
    • Fixed size in content for web works
  • Modern look WEB 2 .0 style layout
  • Editable auto cycle and dotted pattern on background (showcase)

28. Personal Landing Page (20$)

Simple yet very stylish website.

Key Features:

  • Nice transition between site sections
  • Portfolio thumbnails with a custom hovering effect
  • Services a show with a scrolling effect
  • jQuery powered contact form with error highlighting
  • Twitter, Google analytics, ability to easy change contact information right from the Options page

29. Novocane (30$)

Flexibility and customization of theme without touching a line of codes is what Novocane is great about. It is designed for Business, Magazine or Portfolio website.Easy access in changing the fonts to header background is just a click away.

Key Features:

  • Stunning grid Magazine Layout
  • Eye-catching Business/Portfolio Layout
  • 15 Header Background Options
  • 14 carefully picked Cufon Fonts
  • 9 Footer Background Options
  • Themeforest First – Stunning Galleria Powered Portfolio
  • Image and Video Lightbox
  • Embed from Youtube, Vimeo or any other site that allows embedding
  • Text or Image Logo
  • 6 Custom jQuery Navigation Animations
  • 4 Widgetised Areas
  • 3 Custom Widgets
  • Google Maps, Analytics, WP125 , Contact Form 7 Ready
  • 7 PSD Files

30. Minimalista (30$)

Minimalista is an Ajax WordPress Theme that is designed and functions for Professional and minimalist Portfolio.

Key Features:

  • Ajax Powered
  • Full screen layout
  • Unique Background image to any “post”, “page” and “home page”
  • Readable URL
  • jQuery effect on the whole site
  • Use of Cufon for the font replacement
  • Multi categories abilities
  • Modern and minimalist look
  • Easy setup step with detailed help document
  • Home button without reload the page. More like a reset to go home.
  • The pleasure to have an Ajax template with WordPress.

31. Luna (25$)

It is crisp, clean and loud. Designed for wide range of businesses, and is great for designers, photographers and others for showcasing their items or artwork.

Key Features:

  • Cufon custom fonts
  • jQuery framework
  • jQuery carousel image slide
  • jQuery prettyPhoto lightbox
  • jQuery image fade
  • Large admin panel
  • Unlimited portfolio categories
  • Specially developed custom fields for easy editing
  • Widget ready
  • Working contact sheet
  • Very customizable main page
  • Three color schemes – changeable in admin panel

32. Flex (30$)

With the range of gallery , it is suited for artworks inspired.

Key Features:

  • WordPress 3.0 Compatible
  • Unlimited Color Options (with 12 awesome skin previews below)
  • Easy setup – add your own logo, widgets and content in minutes!
  • Massive custom admin panel – tons of customization options
  • Post Images, Blog articles, Videos, and more.
  • Step by Step Installation and Customization instructions (with images!)
  • jQuery VGrid plugin
  • jQuery Media Lightbox
  • Social Media Hotlinks (Facebook, Twitter, and lots more)
  • “Build your own contact form” included
  • Cufon Font Replacement
  • Optional Shuffle Link (just for fun)
  • Full Layout PSD & individual element PSD ’s for quick and easy skinning

33. BOSSPRESS (15$)

The design is great for photographers, web developers and corporate business because of the full width showcase in homepage.

Key Features:

  • Full Width Showcase (Fading Homepage Slider)
    Absolute positioned Logo & Navigation
  • Cool Portfolio Page
  • Black & White, 2 Theme Color Option
  • Cool Navigation & Search Field
  • Lightbox
  • Modern look, clean layout
  • Cool comments part
  • Valid CSS /XHTML Files (1.0 Strict)
  • Most popular browser compatible
  • Commented and clean CSS /XHTML, and theme files
  • Full layered and named PSD file contain all element and pages
  • Easy setup with detailed help document

WordPress Theme that are incorporated by jQuery and Ajax are truly amazing because of the difference that it can give to the website. Functionalities, design and interactivity are things that can make or break a whole website. Choose the right theme for you that suits your interest, personality and the things that your working at.

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