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45 Web Builders to Create an Insanely Awesome Free Website

Looking for a place to create a free website?  There are plenty of resources that allow you to create you own website, blog, wiki, or social community without having to know any programming language.  These free website creation sites allow you to easily create a site, customize the design, add content, and have your own domain name.

It is crazy how many people don’t even have a website even as freelance web designers. If you don’t know where to start – start here! Start by having online presence and establishing your own branding.

We created simple step by step video to show exactly how to have your own website in around 10 minutes! This is the cheapest option we know to have your own professional website. You could go with Wix, Tumblr, WordPress free website, but this will NOT look professional. Especially if you need to brand yourself to your clients or followers, you need to have professional website. Also if you are freelancer, having online presence will easily help you charge more as clients will respect you more.

Without further ado, check out this step by step video how to make your own website. If you want to watch video on Youtube, here is the link.

If you aren’t ready yet or cannot afford to have your own domain and website, take a look at 45 best web builders. This is not the best starting point, but it is still good. Downsides is that you don’t really own your content or don’t have really full control over your website until you get your own domain and hosting.

But it’s better than nothing, so much better!! Good luck!


I personally don’t have a lot of experience with Wix, but it seems like a very neat way to create free Flash websites.  They have separated themselves from the rest, since most of the free site builders only let you create html pages.  One of the most advanced solutions for people without any coding experience to build powerful and good looking site easily and fast.

Google Sites

Hey, its Google and they are letting you create a free site….so do it.  As usual, Google makes it extremely easy to build a free website with cool integration features like Google Docs, Google Calendar, and RSS.

Windows Live Spaces


Google Knol

Google Knol came out about 2 years ago and even though it has not gotten the same praise as Wikipedia, it is still a valuable resource that you should take advantage of.  Free easy to create your own free knol and help position yourself as an industry leader.


Jimdo is a new free website builder that is very clean and easy to use.  As you can see in the screen-shot you can create your own URL and add text, photos, and custom design.




One of my favorite places to create a free webpage is Squidoo.  Not only do these pages tend to rank well in the search engines, but you can monetize them by adding Amazon affiliate products and links, share easily through Facebook and Tweetmeme buttons and much more.




Wetpaint is the place to go to create your own free wiki in a matter of minutes.  Similar to the other website builders out ther but, like a wiki, anyone can add, edit, and remove content from the page.





Hubpages is very similar to Squidoo, in the fact that you can build free pages and they tend to rank very well in search engines.  You can also make money by adding affiliate products, links and Adsense in your hub.  It has all of the cool features that you would need, including adding images, videos, ratings and reviews, and the ability to comment.




Let’s Eat

For anyone in the restaurant industry, Let’s Eat is for you. Let’s Eat lets you create your own restaurant website where you can add information about your restaurant, menu, hours, location, and more.




Launch Splash







SnapPages is the easy drag and drop website creation service.  No need to know css to position your site!










Groupie Guide

Hyper Web Enable






We have tired our best to include all the great services which allows you to build free websites. Don’t forget to give your thoughts about the article via comments section or tweet us at @1stwebdesigner . We always love our readers feedback.

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