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5 SEO Techniques to Increase Website Traffic in 2021

Any business that has a presence online cannot succeed without SEO. If your business promotion is reliant on techniques like pay per click advertising, it might be a good way of getting traffic, but it’s not effective for long term results. SEO helps you to attract visitors on your website organically by improving your rank on search engines. When it comes to determining the rank, Google takes hundreds of signals into account. That is why it is not easy to take your page on top against a certain keyword, and it requires a lot of effort. In this article, we will share some tried and tested SEO techniques that will help you improve traffic.

5 SEO Techniques to Increase Website Traffic

  1. Device priority
  2. User experience
  3. Keyword research
  4. Check competitors
  5. Number of words

1. Device Priority

Instead of focusing on the web version of your website, you
should prioritize the mobile version. Around 60% of the users surf via mobile
phones these days. Which means your website has to look even better on the
mobile version. Some people use customized themes for the website, which can
have a totally different display on the mobile phone. A button that you have
designed to put in the middle of the screen might appear in the middle of the
web version. However, when you look at the phone it will look entirely
different. The same goes for your content as well. If you are trying to put it
on the page in a certain way, it may look aesthetically good on the web version
but it would be completely a different story on the mobile version.

Responsive SiteResponsive Site

Moreover, it is not just the users; Google has also started
to prioritize mobile over the web. This means if you have a page that is
unresponsive on mobile or has an internal link that is not working properly on
the device, it can drop your rankings. So, make sure to optimize the mobile
version of your website and do not compromise on the quality.

2. Improve User Experience

Providing a good user experience is extremely important for
your SEO. Your position in SERP will also be determined by how a user navigates
on your website. The first and most important thing you need to do for that is
to make sure that your website is loading on time. If there is more than a
3-second delay, the user will not stay on your website. Also, make sure that
the content on your website is useful and points the user in the right
direction. Replace any broken links you have and keep things simple.

Another thing you need to avoid is to take control away from the user. So, keep the pop-ups to a minimum level. You can also go for white label SEO, as it is always a good option to take help from an outside agency for better performance. Remember the more you will take control away from the user, the more uninterested he will get in exploring your website which will make him directly lose interest in the services you are offering.

3. Keyword Research

The rank your website achieves on a certain SERP is received against a keyword. You can put all the efforts into your SEO, but if you are targeting the wrong keywords, it will do you no favors. This is why keyword research is extremely important. You need to think like your audience and need to acquire keywords with that thinking. You can also use websites like SEMrush, Moz or Ahrefs apart from Google Keyword Planner.

Finding Right KeywordsFinding Right Keywords

You can find the right keywords with the help of these tools. Research is very important when it comes to keywords. You don’t only need to add the keywords against which you can get a better rank. Make sure that you are using keywords relevant to your business and understood by your target audience.

4. Acquire that Competitive Edge

SEO techniques are not just optimizing your website. When you are fighting for that rank, you are fighting against your competitors. That is why conducting competitor research is important for SEO. Keep a sharp eye on your competitors, and make sure that you are putting out better content than them. Find out where they are lacking and capitalize on that. Keep your content more structured than them, and Google will give you a higher rank than them. You can also learn new techniques just by keeping an eye on your competitors.

5. Forget About Counting the Words

A lot of people who start working on SEO will often ask you
a question about the word count of an article needed to get the highest rank.
There is not any limit or specific number that you need to follow while writing
an SEO friendly article for your website. If the message of your article is
being delivered in 500 words, then 500 words it is. But if you need to write
something in detail, you can go up to 2000 words as well. But if you really
want to get that rank, you should create Skyscraper content. Skyscraper content
refers to the content that is generally long but there is no unnecessary
information in it. Every line of that content is valuable and written with
complete care.

Final Words

SEO is getting tougher as millions of people publish content
every day. It is no more sufficient to simply publish content and expect it to
be on top of the SERP in Google. You need to put lot of efforts in correct
direction in order to drive organic traffic from search engines. The above
listed SEO techniques are fundamental and you need to follow them for each
article on your site for getting success in your online presence.