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50+ Useful Icon Sets for E-commerce Designs

The moment we think of E-Commerce, the next thought would be of the payment options and the hassles met at times. Even though this is the scenario most of the businesses are switching to online trading or e-commerce which has become indispensable. But most of the times we find this online transaction quite confusing, time taking and involving lot of procedures which do create a slight fear in us.

The icons are often repetitive because of the factor that they should not confuse us and give us a standard picture for transactions, but now designers have taken an initiative to come out of this tradition and present with simple and easy-to-understand icon sets for e-commerce websites.

Presented here are some of the icon packs and icon sets for e-commerce which are simple to use, easy to understand the procedures at the first glance and look professional

1. Iconeden

Milky Set icons contains more than 131 free stock vector icons in green color for dark and bright backgrounds.  They can be downloaded in PNG and TIFF formats in sizes of 48 x 48 px and 64 x 64 px.

2. On Stage Icon

An icon stage set of 49 free vector icons created by Deziner Folio can be used for commercial and personal purposes comes with a source PSD file. They come in the resolution of 128 px x 128 px and are available in .png format. Purely shape based layered PSD’s are also included in the package.

3. E-Commerce Icons

This versatile and awesome icon set collection of six icons is from Speckyboy designed by IconShock for popular payment methods like Paypal, VISA, Google Checkout and also which includes icons for Wire transfers. They can be downloaded freely in eight different sizes starting from 12px, 16px, 24px, 32px, 64px, 128px, 256px and 512px.

4. Visual Pharm

A collection of Finance icons qhich are free for personal and commercial use but require a link to the website which can be purchased ar $4 – $199 per set. Icons are available in different sizes in Windows, MAC and PNG formats.

5. Weby Iconset

This is a collection of 100 icons from Iconspedia which can be used freely for your websites, templates or softwares. They can be downloaded freely in PNG, ICO and ICNS format in size of 64px x 64px. These icons are designed by Asher Abbasi and are licensed.

6. Iconset

A set of 59 fresh icons from Iconden which are of high premium quality. They are high flexible and useful financial icons for web application and software. These are available in 7 sizes ranging from 16 x 16px to 256 x 256 px and can be downloaded in ICO, ICN, TIFF and PNG formats.

7. Chalkwork

ChalkWork features a collection of 21 original icons and 105 variants which is a free set for personal and commercial projects. They come in 3 sizes and 6 formats such as transparent TIF, GIF, PNG, BMP, ICO and Mac ICNS. This includes action oriented variations of the original icons featuring overlays.

8. Multimedia Vector icons

A collection of free multimedia vector icons in different colors and styles which can be easily modified. They come in 2 vector file formats, EPS (Illustrator 10 up) and AI (Illustrator CS up).

9. Dry Icons

A curvy and colorful set of playful free icons which adds a playfulness and affection to your projects. They are available in high quality in sizes of 16 x 16px, 32 x 32px, 48 x 48px, 64 x 64px and 128 x 128px in PNG file format.

10. Informerchant

Infomerchant has a collection of major Credit card images like Visa Credit card images, Master Card, Discover Credit card images and more which can be used on your page or shopping cart just by right clicking in the image and saving it on the hard drive. They also present test credit card numbers for testing transactions.

11. Ipapun

This is a collection of 15 balck and white media icons in PNG format in size of 128 x 128px for Windows and MAC OS. They are free and can be used commercially.

12. Baggy Iconset

A set of 5 quality icons from Paul Kadysz for baggy designs which come in 3 different formats, ICO, ICNs and PNG and are available in 6 different sizes starting from 16px x 16px to 512px x 512 px.

13. Blog icons

A collection of blog icons Word Press, Blogger and Live Journal which comes in three different sizes and includes a PDS file.

14. Credit cards

This collection of free icons is for the Credit cards for websites for online payment of services through VISA, Cirrus, American Express, JCB, Master Card etc. These icons can be downloaded in 50px x 30px or 30px x 30px in Gif format. They are authorised, formatted and subjected under Creative License.

15. Cute Critters

This is a collection of 13 cute critters by the Cute Critters Icon Pack created by Elio Rivero of ilovecolours. Each icon is in a size of 512 x 512px and comes in PNG format that adds a bit of extra cuteness to your site.

16. Siena Icons

A set of 200 free icons which also includes the vector files for resizing the icons are from Siena which can be used as logos, websites and much more. Thet come in 6 different raster sizes.

17. Project Iconset

A collection of 18 beautiful project set icons related to Project Management is designed by Navdeep Raj for Smashing Magazine. The icon set includes icon address card, bar graph, calendar, clock, marker, etc., Files can be downloaded freely and are available in transparent PNG format.

18. Hand drawn Social Icons

A collection of hand drwan social networking icons like Diig, Facebook, Meneame, MySpace, Twitter and more. These icons are available in sizes of 24×24 px, 32×32 px, 48×48 px and 64×64 px, and are released under Creative Commons licence.

19. Silk Companion

Mark James presents a set of 1.022 silky smooth 16 x 16 true color icons in PNG format.

20. Startrek

A collection of official Star trek icons and desktop images.

21. Credit-card logos

Credit Card Logos present you an collection of more than 75 credit card logos and images which can be used directly in your website by simply copying and pasting the HTML code directly from the website.

22. 365 psd

365psd is a collection of icons which costs $1.40 for fifteen well crafted icons of the major payment option services.

23. Credit card icons

Presented here is a collection of six stock icons for VirtuaLNK customers as custom credit card icons as a freeware collection. This package comes in sizes of 48 x 48 px and 72 x 72 px in a 3D format with JPG, GIF, ICN, PNG, BMP and ICO formats which brings out an unique appearance.

24. Iconarchive

A set of 6 icons for Business including a brieface, printer, toolbox, disk, user and column chart icon in sizes ranging of 48 x 48px and 256 x 256 px and can be downloaded in PNG formats.

25. Morcha

An icon set of free and glossy 9 major web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari etc., are available freely with a maximum of 256px x 256px and can be downloaded to get the ZIP and PNG ICO files.

26. Titan icons

Titan Icons presents 3 free E-Commerce icons in PNG, JPEg, GIF, ICO and Mac formats which can be downloaded in sizes of 512 px x 512px, 128px x1 28px, 48px x48 px, 32x32px and 16px x 16px. These icons are perfect for online and offline projects such as spreadsheets, web designs, prime media, GUI and more.

27. Luke pensa

These are a set of exclusive vector icons created by Luka for CSS Globe Cons and are available in AI, EPS, PDF and XAR file formats. They are of minimal designs.

28. Macthemes

Envelope style icons which comes in 3 different sizes.

29. Social networking glossy icons

These are a set of 25 free social icon set in the shape of clouds. They are available in PNG format in 60px x 60px.

30. Camera icons

A set of 4 Camera Obscura icons for Aperture library, iPhoto library, Aperture Vault and Aperture projects. These include 7 icons for MAC, Linux and Windows in PNG, ICo and ICNs formats.

31. Pixel-mixer

A basic set free collection of 42 high quality icons which can be used in your softwares, GUI and web applications comes in Windows, MAC OS and PNG formats in sizes of 16px x 16px, 32px x 32px, 48px x 48px and 64px x 64px.

32. Twitter Badges

A collection of a set of free unique Twitter graphics in 40 different graphics, icons, badges and buttons which come in transparent .png format and which can be edited and re-sized. Comes in different size variations.

33. Playground icons

A collection of high quality e-commerce icons which are sophisticated, visually appealing and has customer confident. They are freely available and come is 200px x 200px and are licensed.

34. Payment icons

A collection of 13 free Credit card, Debit card and paymant options is presented from the WebDesign blog in PNG format. They come in three different sizes of 32px, 64px and 128 px with package options as straight and curved edges which can be used in any e-commerce website. Icons are copyrighted by the companies but can be freely used without credit.

35. Free icons

This is a package of 16 high quality file status icons for Windows, Mac and Linux in file formats of ICO, GIF, BMP and PNG. They are licensed under Creative Common Attribution 3.0.

36. Payment options

Here is a collection of icon sets of 20 payment option icons. They are the icons of the most popular payment options in .png format over the internet like American Express, Visa, Paypal, MadterCard etc. These set of icons come in three different sizes as of small, large and big and can be downloaded freely.

37. Office icons

A collection of free Office icons in 30 designs are available in  sizes of 16 x 16px, 32 x 32px, 48 x 48px, 64 x 64px, 128 x 128px and 256px x 256px in formats of PNG, ICO and ICNS.

38. Hand cursor icons

Icojoy presents free icon sets that includes 6 different types with 6 different color variants of hand pointer icons. They come with a source PSD file with file types of PNG and PSD with a total collection of 36 icons.

39. Flag icons

A collection of 172 country flaga as icons which are available freely in PNG format in 48px x 48px. Can be used freely but comes with a link back to the author.

40. Hand drawn icons

This is an icon set of more than 20 hand drawn icons for social media sites like Facebook, Flickr, Blinklist, Skype and more. They come in sizes of 16×16 px, 32×32 px, 64×64 px and 12x128px and are available for free.

41. Payment type icons

A free collection of 12 Payment type icons and buttons which can be downloaded in 60px x 32 px under GIF format can be embedded into your website.

42. Mail Icons

Bored of the standard mail icon, learn to design a stylish and glossy icon for you applications and websited in Photoshop.

43. Vector Icons

A set of 90 free vector icons which are in EPS format has a collection of great general purpose icons.

44. Credit-card pixel icons

This is a collection of Credit card icons of Visa, AMEX, and Paypal type with a simple credit card logo. This icon set comes with a spurce fiel which letes you modify the card colors with hue or saturation. They can be downloaded freely and come in sizes of 32 x 32 px.

45. Cult icons

A set of 50 free high quality Web App icons which look strong yet subtle are available in PNG formats.

46. Robbery icons

This is a collection of 5 high quality Robbery Icon set in PNG, ICO and ICNS for Windows, Linux and MAC in the sizes of 128 x 128 px.

47. Vector diagram icons

A collection of free vector diagram icons  which has a total of 11 different images are available in Adobe Illustrator.

48. Sleek XP icons

A collection of 50 Sleek XP basic icons are available freely with Freeiconsdownload in PNG and ICO formats and are licenced under Creative Commons.

49. Shopping cart icon

A shopping cart icon which can be used for online shopping is available freely in PNG version which can be used for MAC, Windows and Linux.

50. Glossy E-commerce icons

A collection of 32 glossy icons which are free to use and can be remixed as per your wish in your E-commerce projects which comes with a master SVG file.

51. Passenger and pedestrian symbol icons

This is a collection of 50 passengar and pedestrian symbols from AIGA in EPS and GIF formats available freely over the net.

52. Hand drawn sketch icons

A collection of 19 sketch type web designs which are draws on a paper with a pen and later on scanned and cleaned up in Illustrator. They come in sizes of 48 x 48 px and 96 x 96 px in JPEG formats.

53. E-commerce payment icons

A free ecommerce payment icon set for popular gateways ad credit cards has 15 icons for VISA, MasterCArd, PayPal, SOLO and others. These icons are designed by the Colour Mill and licensed under Creative Commons Attributes. They can be downloaded in 24 px x 16 px size in 32 bit PNG format.

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