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6 Law Firm Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

Going into 2020, tried and true methods of marketing and business development will continue to remain on the priority list for law firms. Content development and traditional marketing methods of social strategy, blogging, and email marketing, are just as important now as they were five years ago. Mobile readiness continues to be essential and SEO, while ever-changing in specifics of how it should be done, is also a key consideration for marketing professionals.

But as we enter a new year—and a new decade—there are plenty of changes coming down the pike. Mary Che, VP of Marketing at Connell Foley, effectively sums up what law firms can expect to see: “One thing remains constant with law firm marketing: it is, out of necessity, ever-evolving. As law firms face increasing competition and external challenges, the key to staying ahead is adaptation—and marketing plays a large role in that.”