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60 Beneficial And Great Looking Premium Background from Graphicriver

Background is an essential yet often overlooked element of any artwork. A suitable background can turn good design into a great design and correspondingly moderate one into a good one. You can come up with a perfect background within minutes or squeeze something out in days. A good background has to be balanced yet giving the complete look to the artwork. So where to find those neat background for your next project/product presentation/print design and avoid yourself with messing in Photoshop?

Again Graphicriver is the answer. With just over 2000 backgrounds in sales you can be sure you’ll find the right one just for your needs. In this article we’ve compiled various backgrounds ranging from subtle textures and patterns to abstract desktop wallpapers to splendid lighting effects. Large part of these background are print-ready so you can use them in almost any way you can think of. Continue reading and check out these 60 useful and neat premium background from Graphicriver.

1. 101 Web 2.0 Backgrounds ($5)


Pack include 101 nice and clean web 2.0 style backgrounds for you site templates. 101 Jpegs + 1 PSD with all groups, organized layers, easy to change gradients, size. 150×800.

2. Wavy Abstract Background ($3)


This is a background in 6 different colors. The files are at height resolution and you can use it anywhere you like. There is a PSD file included so you can change the colors very easy.

3. Light Trails ($4)


5 unique and fully flexible light trails with 3 different colour variations per trail and 2 examples of how these light trails can be added to your graphics.

4. Extremium Lights ($2)


Modern backgrounds pack contain fuly customizable backgrounds, 1800×1000 resolution, fully layered PSD file, 7 background colors. Ready to be used for any web. project or aplication.

5. Lighting Backgrounds V2 ($3)


Lighting backgrounds, especially suited for use in web pages, twitter pages, or any type of project. The way these BG are made it, can enlarge them without losing quality. Changing colors is very easy, you can make the color combination that you like.

6. Backgrounds Web Kit ($4)


This file was created for every web designer that wants to work less when designing a web site, plus it can help you build an big number of web backgrounds.

7. Carbon Fiber Backgrounds ($9)


A collection of 20 exclusive background of carbon fiber, ready for the web.

8. Torn Paper Backgrounds ($3)


You can find included in the package 5 .PSD files (all the themes are separated in a diferent file) and 5 high resolution .JPG’s. CMYK, 300 DPI.

9. Space Web Backgrounds ($4)


Backgrounds especially for use in web pages, twitter pages, or any type of project. The way these BG are made it, can enlarge them without losing quality. Changing colors is very easy, you can make the color combination that you like.

10. ScratchBG ($2)


A collection of modern style grunge backgrounds, suitable for use on websites, banners, posters & more.

11. Venera Night Sky ($3)


Venera Night Sky is abstract background and you can use it anywhere you like. There is a PSD file included so you can make change very easy.

12. Infinite White Floor Spotlight ($5)


Six modern High resolution Web backgrounds 3000×1875 px 72dpi. Modern and fresh design great for faking a spotlight and photographic ambient.

13. Stylish Mosaic ($2)


Come’s complete with 7 pre-set color versions for you with an easy to change background to create your own variations.

14. WORN PSD Background ($2)


A set of six distressed PSD backgrounds in earth tones for you to use in your designs

15. Awesome web 2.0 incorporated clouds ($3)


Massive, beautiful and peaceful cloud background. Works great as a website background, artwork background, print, anything. Massive resolution of 3508×2480 at 300 dpi.

16. Shape Shift Background ($3)


Included is a full layered PSD file and 7 different colored JPG images. 3000x2250px.

17. Silk Light Abstract Background ($2)


4 color variations. Hi-res resolution. There is a PSD file included so you can change the colors.

18. 60 Retro Stripe Grunge Backgrounds ($2)


This set includes 60 retro stripe textured backgrounds for your design projects. Use them however you like to give your projects a professional look and feel. 1600x1200px.

19. Abstract Background ($2)


Beautiful backgrounds that are great for desktop wallpaper, web background, mobile phone wallpaper, etc. 3300x2550px, 300 DPI.

20. Beautiful Floating Islands Scene ($6)


Floating Islands Scene v1 is a page background that can be broken up into many segments and re-arranged completely for a unique look. Ready to go right out of the box. 3000x1230px.

21. Paper Backgrounds ($3)


Photorealistic pack contain 4 jpegs good quality and 1 PSD to change color and to edit structure of backgrounds. This backgrounds good for templates, blogs and other your stuff. 2700×2072 res. 300 dpi.

22. Vintage Wallpaper ($4)


Included in the zip file you will find a psd file that contains the illustration and an ai file that is the wallpaper pattern in vector format so you can use it in any way you wish.

23. Studio Backdrops ($3)


Simulate a realistic studio photo shoot with this 7 backdrops/backgrounds. Great to showcase your products, images, posters, webpages or any type of work. It can also be used for web backgrounds. 4000×2500 px 72dpi.

24. Grunge Old Paper ($2)


High resolution –  2827×4000px, layered PSD file where you can adjust the intensity of the texture and/or the intensity of the dark edges, 2 JPEG files saved from the PSD, optional torn edges.

25. Vintage Tileable Wallpaper Pack ($11)


Inside the zip file you will find a full set of individual jpg files of all the tiles for tileable backgrounds for your websites or whatever use you see fit and  a photoshop pattern file which you can load into your photoshop from the preset manager and use them as pattern fills.

26. World Map ($4)


This is clean layered psd world map classic black / white and lined version included. 4500x3000px.

27. Retro Rays Background ($2)


12 colors, high-resolution & quality backgrounds – 2400×1680px.

28. Premium Vintage Backgrounds ($5)


Classic look with an awesome style to use in any design project, website backgrounds, twitter accounts, desktop wallpapers, blogs, etc.

29. Abstract Waves In Colors ($3)


Abstract Waves In Colors #2 is abstract background at hi-res. There is a PSD file included so you can change the color very easy. 4000×3000, 300 DPI.

30. light & bokeh backgrounds ($4)


8 amazing colored backgrounds. Very nice light and bokeh effects. 2 styles (with & without lite noise effect).

31. Metal Backgrounds ($4)


6 Metal backgrounds, 1024×768, jpeg.

32. Massive Abstract Backgrounds ($3)


Massive Abstract Backgrounds 4 Light Effects. 3 Style of Background (Bokeh,Clean,Dust) 8 colors each. 2560x1600px.

33. Underwater Backgrounds ($2)


Clean underwater backgrounds at 2 variations, 4 colors, 2560×1600 res, 300 dpi. PSD included and well organized.

34. Retro Paper background ($2)


Retro Paper background. Full HD resolution (1920×1080px). Background to use in your web design projects andor as your desktop background. Pattern included (200×200px).

35. Faux Leather Textures ($7)


A collection of 5 faux leather textures perfect for backgrounds, 3D modeling and design projects. Images are all in JPG format sized 3000px x 2000px. Each graphic/texture has been rendered separately, meaning that each texture is unique.

36. 6 Darken Wood Backgrounds ($3)


6 HQ Wood Backgrounds, 2000×1500 px

37. Halloween Night ($3)


Scary Pumpkin within a graveyard. Background for designs.2524×3774px.

38. Linen ($2)


2560x1600px, PSD file included, easily changeable colors and saturation.

39. Abstract color waves ($5)


Abstract color waves that can be used for a website, presentation or print. Clean colors, well-organized and easy to edit. 2000x1500px, 300 DPI.

40. Plume Background ($3)


Layered PSD file – 3000×2250px, 72dpi, 5 color variation backgrounds included.

41. Backgrounds Pro 2012 Bundle ($5)


This file is a Bundle/Collection of 22 different professional backgrounds. These backgrounds come in handy when designing different stage environments to display products, photos and text. 3000x2500px, 300 DPI.

42. Fresh Grass Meadow and Tree ($3)


A fresh summer morning with mist and a solo tree.

43. Explosive Background ($4)


Full layered PSD File and 7 different colored jpg images. 3000×2250px.

44. Hi-res Textured Background ($2)


really textured and detailed. comes in 8 different colors. 2500x2000px.

45. Abstract Aurora Backgrounds ($4)


Abstract Aurora Backgrounds. 5 Backgrounds, 3 colors each, 15 variations. Use for print, web or design. 2500x1600px.

46. Background 5A ($2)


Ultra-high quality backgrounds that are great for desktop wallpaper, web background, mobile phone wallpaper, etc. 2 fully editable PSD files, 2400x2000px, 300 DPI.

47. Interior Backgrounds ($4)


Simulate a realistic studio photo shoot with these 18 background possibilities (3 clean interiors and 5 light set-ups). Great to showcase your products, images, posters, webpages or any type of work. It can also be used for web backgrounds. 4000×2500 px 72 dpi.

48. Paper Holes ($3)


4 Paper Hole Backgrounds. Including PSD and JPEG at 3072×2304.

49. Denim Background / Texture ($2)


PSD File Included in 2560×1600 resolution, customizable colors, customizable patterns and effects.

50. Hill and villages ($5)


Hill and villages with beautiful landscape. PSD included, 300 DPI.

51. Jute Wrap ($2)


Available for several common resolutions including i-devices, psd included for easy customizations, change color in one go.

52. 10 Retro Graphic Backgrounds ($3)


10 colored high-resolution & quality backgrounds with halftone elements. 3200×2267px, layered.

53. Vintage Floral backgrounds ($3)


Vintage Floral backgrounds in 6 colors 2448×3264px.

54. Subtle Wallpaper ($2)


5 JPEG with different color variations, layered .PSD file, 1920x1080px.

55. Stripes Vintage Background ($2)


Looks awesome for product presentation, 4 colors, various resolutions up to 2560×1920px.

56. Fabric Backgrounds ($2)


A palpable background resource for your premium websites or any graphics project.

57. Urban Backgrounds ($3)


1200×720px, 300dpi.

58. Geometric Grunge Pattern ($2)


A set of geometric pattern backgrounds with grunge effect (not tileable). Layered PSD file, 4167×2917px, layered vector geometric pattern included.

59. Patterned Paper Set ($3)


A set of high quality patterned papers. Ideal for use in backgrounds, designs, presentations, wallpapers etc. 3000x2300px.

60. Worn-out Carbon Background ($3)


The file can be transformed into clean carbon by hiding the “dirt” layer. Layered PSD, 2560×1440px.

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