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7 Very Useful Websites to Get Practical Fireworks Tutorials

Fireworks is the best software around for editing vector and bitmap and vector graphic. It helps you to rapidly prototype websites and application interfaces. Compared to Photoshop, there aren’t any decent online alternatives for Fireworks. There are a lot of new features in fireworks like CSS export and style effects and you should must give it a try.

Here’s how I came up with this list:

  • I’ve collected around 50 sites using the following criteria: all of them need to have practical and easy-to-follow tutorials on how to do something in Fireworks.
  • Then I sorted them and took the 7 most useful ones. I figured it might be better to do this and focus on quality (small number of sites, useful), then quantity (big number of sites, average.)

1. SmartWebby

What does it offers: SmartWebby offers 38 unique Fireworks tutorials. The most useful tutorials they have are below, under “Graphic design: Tutorials on Vector Graphics”. Under each of the sites I present, I’ll give you 2 sample tutorials there with a screen shot of the end result. So here are some of the tutorials on SmartWebby:

  • Cloud effect

  • Sunflower atwork

2. SixThings RapidFire Tutorials

What does it offers: SixThings gives you 11 amazing tutorials plus some other tips on how to be more effective in Fireworks. They named their tutorials “Rapid Fire” and I have no idea why, but I’m sure it has to do with them helping you learn this application very rapidly. Here are 2 of their best tutorials:

  • Extracting logos (Rapid Fire #8)

  • Dot Matrix Effect (Rapid Fire #11)

3. Imajine

What does it offers: They have 13 tutorials, and the end results they’re able to produce are fantastic. I found Imajine featured on many tutorial directory sites like Pixel2Life, and now, for the first time, they are also featured on 1stwebdesigner! 🙂 Some of their tutorial include:

– Old paper effect in Fireworks

– Beautiful rainbow pattern

4. Fireworks Zone

What does it offers: Well…they have 340 tutorials and resources on that blog. It’s the biggest resource I found on this topic (next to Adobe Fireworks Support Center.)  Here are some neat tutorials they have:

  • Create a human iris

  • Create Coca Cola Glass Text

5. Fireworks Support Center

What does it offers: You have over 100 tutorials there. Really neat. This is the official page by Adobe for supporting Fireworks, so it better be good. Most of the tutorials there are videos, so I’ve decided to provide you with some TV shows Adobe has on their site.

  • Learn Fireworks CS4

  • Fireworks Tips and Tricks

6. Blue2x Blog

What does it offers: They have 10+ Fireworks tutorials. I really liked the tutorials on creating logo and fancy buttons. Here are some examples:

  • Simple Orbs Tutorial

  • Create a fancy text effect in Adobe Fireworks

7. Enthesoweb

What does it offers: This is the first page you’ll get if you write “Fireworks tutorials” into Google. However, I haven’t found them to be that good in quality (their quantity is good, they have 20 tutorials on Fireworks there.) Some of them are:

  • Create a twist and fade image

  • Add textures to text

I’m not perfect so maybe I’ve missed some awesome Fireworks websites. That’s why you have the comment section 🙂 Hope you enjoyed this article.


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