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8 Men’s Shoe Trends for 2021

Plenty of people are shopping for shoes and a lot of those people are shopping for shoes online. The market is expected to increase even more, especially for men’s shoes.

The modern man pays more attention to his wardrobe and there are many styles and trends specifically for men. In 2020, diverse shoe trends will showcase men’s evolving fashion.

These shoe styles will appeal to all men. In 2020, you can see men rocking classic sneakers as well as more fashionable and formal shoes. Each season will also have its own men’s shoe styles!

From minimalist boots to basketball shoes, here are 8 men’s shoe trends for 2020.

1. Leather Boots

The beginning of 2020 will welcome the leather boot trend. These boots are stylish but warm enough for the elements.

There are many types of leather that adorn your boots. These include:

  • Bullhide

  • Pigskin leather

  • Calfskin

  • Cowskin

The type of leather used not only affects the boot’s durability but also the boot’s appearance. Most people are familiar with the look of cow skin leather; it’s sleek, shiny, and sturdy. Another type of leather such as pigskin looks more unique.

Don’t wear leather? No problem. Faux leather boots are also trending. Just make sure the boots are still sturdy and high-quality.

2. Minimalist Sneakers

In the past, we saw sneakers with crazy colors and designs. Entering this new decade, sneaker style will take a step back and will take on a minimalist appearance.

You can expect to see solid-colored sneakers in neutral colors such as white and black.

Why are minimalist sneakers a major trend? They look cleaner than loud shoes. They’re also easier to match with your outfit and are more versatile — you can wear your all-black sneakers while out with your friends or to a formal event.

Find sneakers without emblems and logos.

3. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots not only stand out but are easy to take on and off. This boot style has no fastener; there are no laces, buckles, or even inserts.

You just slip the boot on and off. The secret lies in the elastic panel at the side — the panel adjusts with movement, widening when inserting your foot and staying secure while wearing the boots.

The lack of fasteners gives Chelsea boots a unique appearance. They have a sleek and vintage appearance, making them versatile boots to wear on casual days and even to the office. Chelsea boots also stand out because they have a rounded toe but thin sole.

4. Classic Sneakers

Do you still have your beat-up Converse from the ’80s?

Take them out of your closet and start rocking them in 2020. Classic sneakers are making a comeback. If you’re younger, major brands such as Nike and Vans are reinventing some of their classic styles.

This style is an extension of the athleisure trend we’ve been seeing for years. Gym culture and sports popularity are bringing these classic sports shoes back into the spotlight.

They’re perfect for a good workout and playing sports with your buddies, as well as wearing these sneakers with jeans when you’re out with friends.

Are certain classic sneakers reigning more than others? Expect to see Vans Old Skool, Adidas Stan Smith, and Converse One Star.

5. Beatle Boots

Beatle boots look extremely similar to Chelsea boots. The major difference is the side panel — instead of an elastic side panel, Beatle boots have a zipper side panel.

This still gives the boot its sleek appearance while you can easily take the boots on and off. Beatle boots also have another major difference: the toe is more pointed than rounded. This one detail makes the boot look edgy.

The boots get their name from the legendary rock band The Beatles — the troupe commonly wore these boots, becoming synonymous when the unique boots.

They were trending in the ’60s during The Beatles’ reign and are making a huge comeback in 2020.

6. Sneaker Technology

Our technological world is connecting us to the internet in every way. Now, your own shoes can connect you to the digital world. Sneaker technology will become more common and will continue to evolve in 2020.

Self-lacing sneakers are popular among the wealthy — and have been ever since 2016 when Nike released their HyperAdapt 1.0.

In 2019, Nike released the Nike Adapt BB, which uses AI to perfectly fit the unique contours of your feet. The shoes even come with an app.

It’s predicted more sneaker brands will follow Nike’s footsteps, releasing smart sneakers and other technology-driven shoes. It’s also predicted these shoes will eventually be available at lower price points, attracting every buyer.

7. Desert Boots

Desert boots are popular because they’re ideal for everyday wear. They’re casual enough to wear while out and about but are sleek enough to transform any outfit.

The secret comes from the suede material. Suede is a softer and thinner leather variation, made for more casual days. Desert boots are distinguishable by their thick rubber sole which is ideal when walking in sand and other dry elements.

Desert boots also have clean lines and their lightweight, making them comfortable and versatile. However, they’re not usually worn as formal or business shoes.

8. Sandals

When the temperature goes up, it’s time to take out your sandals. But don’t feel embarrassed — sandals are a huge trend in 2020.

Sandals are convenient and comfortable. You just slip on your sandals and you’re good to go. Sandals are also perfect for many occasions, such as a day running errands or a day on the beach.

Sandals are also more versatile now than ever. You can opt for the classic rubber sandals or even pricey sports sandals. The best sandals for men come in many styles and materials so you can choose the best sandals for you.

Rock These Men’s Shoe Trends in 2020

From minimalist sneakers to sandals, there are many men’s shoe trends for all stylish men. 2020 is the year of shoe versatility, evolving shoe fashion, and even bringing back some classics!