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Amazing Writing Tips of Killer Copies for Your Portfolio Site

Have you ever wondered what could happen if you are taking something simple and making it as gorgeous as the rose petals in your garden? Knowing some amazing writing tips for a killer copy will surely blow your visitor’s mind off. The results will sprout superbly on your website.

Getting started is the hardest. Admit it, you’re a designer, yet, you never got the chance of making your portfolio as beautiful as nature. You will end up crying on your nanas’ knees for making the worst copy for your portfolio ever.

Do you want your website to receive more traffic? Do you want it to increase sales?

Create an incredible copy that makes them crave for you. You’re a web designer and that bizarre creativity lies within your soul. It’s your time to be the best in your field by writing a seductive copy that invites like a magnet to your visitors.

There is one thing that you need to remember. Writing a copy is not all about you or your product or services; it is all about your public. Your public doesn’t care about you or whatever sucks in your life; they only care about themselves and about what they think will fascinate them.

Take this advice and your frown will magically disappear. These steps will be your ticket to success.


1. Lure Your Audience with That Catchy Headline

Yep, the headline is the most important tool of every copy writing activity for a web designer. It’s the portal to everything else inside your website. Without making it super attractive, no one will ever read your portfolio and you’ll lose.

“Hello there!”

This is a greeting that everyone usually say when meeting a person for the first time. This is what you will do with your copy as well. All you just need to do is to call out.

Calling out to your public is one basic move that works a hundred percent positive.

“I like making great ideas happen.” Now that’s a very catchy line from You see here, this is what a line that says ‘come here’ as well. The sound of his headline is telling people to come to his portfolio site and that’s a great example when starting yours too.

Here are some questions that you would keep in mind when making your headline:

  1. So what? (What does your headline mean to your audience?)

  2. Who cares? (Why will your readers care about your headline?)

  3. What’s in it for me? (How will it benefit your public?)

  4. Why are you bothering me? (Tell them that they probably want this.)

Cut the clutter in your mind. Just call out to your audience and raise your demand. That’s how simple making a captivating headline.


2. Find the “What They Want’ Alley

Once you get your readers’ attention, mesmerize them more. You must figure out the way into that alley. It’s where you gather your information about the problem.

You need to search what’s new, what’s in, what’s hot and how could you satisfy them. Find the weaknesses of your public; it’s one strategy that you can use. Tell them that your portfolio would benefit them a lot.

Write in a way that you’re telling them the feedback of those people who already bought your product or services. Give them proof that your product or services is reliable. Most importantly, make them TRUST you.


3. Solve Their Problems

You don’t have to be a mathematician here. All you just need is to solve the problem without adding complicated numbers to your copy. When you already find what your public needs, it’s your time to open the present.

Tell your audience the benefits of your unique portfolio, something that is not found in others. Discredit other possible solutions and focus on changing their mindset on what you offer. That means make your offer stand out.

It will be more awesome if you also fascinate them with your great ideas that will totally rock their world. If you happen to understand your market, you can totally pull this trigger off.

It’s easy. You just need to make them want YOU.


4. Tell Them That You Discovered the Charm

Do you like telling secrets to your best friend? Well, visualize the market as your best friend when you write your copy. You must tell them that you discovered a solution to what they need.


  • Explain the simplicity
  • Provide it the fast way
  • Show your credentials
  • Detail the benefits
  • Get social proofs like testimonials

Write as if you uncovered that mermaids are real. Address as if you found a new discovery. Tell things on all matters that will grant the wish of your audience.

Now, that you have provided the solution to your market. Your copy must be as perfect and colorful as the rainbow now.


5. Bring Them to the Counter

You are now the awesome copy god from this moment on. Now that you have created your catchy headline, figured out what they want, solved their problem and told them your solution, this is the point where you make your offer and name your price.

Tell them how they can get it. Close the deal and you’re done.

Well, that’s it folks. You have made a copy without any hassle at this juncture.

Congratulations to you.

Your portfolio will be exquisite because of your copy. I’m sure you will be making the killer copies of all time because of these steps. Just always remember these simple steps and you’re on your way to victory.


You are now ready to be awesome. All these steps will help you achieve best results in your copy. You don’t need to pressure yourself in creating a killer copy now, keep these steps in mind and you are ready to go.

I hope you find these steps useful for your copy. Let me know if your have more great ideas to add in making killer copies.

Don’t forget to share these steps with others.

See you next time!

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