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Be Guided & Get Inspired: 45 Must-Read Resources for Freelancers

Are you new to freelancing? Or someone who is searching for some inspiration, or may be tips and techniques to be one of the best freelancers in the world? Well then, this article is dedicated for you.

To be a successful freelancer, you need to have that continuous learning attitude, you get to update yourself on what is new, what is “in” and so on. And one of the resources where you can get knowledge is through reading. Reading is one of the good resources where we can get our inspiration, motivation, may be guides and techniques to become one of the best freelancers on whatever field you choose.

In here, I compiled great articles and categorized them based on your needs that will be very helpful for you, especially for freelancers. These include guides, tips, techniques and even experiences from other freelancers.

When Starting Up

Image by: Louis Abate

Do you already have that idea in your mind but do not know how to start? Or where and when to begin? These readings can help you decide.

1. The Signs That You’re Ready To Start Freelancing

by: Hilde Torbjornsen

In this article, you will find out the signs that you are already ready in facing the world of freelancing.

2. 17 Tips for Designers on Starting a Freelance Business

by: Steven Snell

These 17 tips you can read on this article consists almost all of the things you want to learn about freelancing as a starter: lifestyle, techniques, unexpected issues, and more. This will help you prepare in meeting the challenges of a freelancer.

3. A Comprehensive Guide to Starting Your Freelance Career

by: Collis Ta’eed

A great article that will guide you from the time you will start until the time that you already in the phase of dealing with your clients, and becoming as one of the full-fledged business men/women in the world.

4. Going Freelance: Rules of Preparation

by: Samuel Ryan

Take time to read this article where Samuel Ryan shares his experience and gave tips when he decided to enter the world of freelancing. You may both have the same experience and can get good tips on him.

5. Ask the Expert – Speaking About Startups with Collis Ta’eed of Envato

by: Jad Limcaco

Take a look at how Collis Ta’eed of Envato made onto the top on this interview.

6. How to Start a Freelance Company

by: Shannon Noack

Shannon Noack, owner of Snoack Studios, shares her experiences on how she started and what are the things she did that made her freelance company boom, from starting up to marketing your own.

7. What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Freelancing

by: Elizabeth Gast

This short but full of tips article will raise your eagerness to become a freelancer. Be inspired.

8. Is the Title “Freelancer” a Turn-Off?

by: Brian

Is it really a turn-off to be a freelancer? Let this article explain it to you.

Inspiring Words and Helpful Tips to Ponder

Image by: Karen Hunnicutt

One of the vital things a freelancer must have is inspiration. Be inspired and have some tips to ponder with these articles.

1. 6 Tips Freelancers can Learn from Beggars

by: Jacques van Heerden

Who could imagine that freelancers can learn a lot from beggars? Curiosity strikes, eh? Read this article to believe how life of a freelancer is compared with to the life of a beggar.

2. Time Management Tips for Freelance Designers

by: Arfa Mirza

One of the keys a person must have to attain success is time management, especially with freelancers. Be guided by these time management tips, after you read this and followed the tips, surely you will manage your time properly.

3. 5 Reasons Every Freelancer Needs An Accountability Group

by: Travis Robertson

Find out on this article on how an accountability group is very important for every freelancer.

4. How to Stay Ahead of the Curve as a Designer

by: Aaron Irizarry

Are you being attacked by nervousness that your business or freelance work will slow down because of financial problems and with our bleak economic outlook? Then this article will remove that nervousness in you by giving you guidelines or tips for you to stay ahead of the curve.

5. 10 Ways To Make Your Freelance Business Fail

by: Laura Spencer

Avoid your freelance business to fail by reading through this article on what are the aspects of freelancing could break it.

6. My Top 5 Biggest Freelancing Mistakes

by: Chris Garrett

In this article, Chris Garrett shares his story and the biggest mistakes he did on his freelancing life.

7. 15 Ways to Get Inspired

by: Yael Grauer

Check this article on what you can do to get inspired.

How to Avoid Distractions and Deal with Stresses?

Image by: Mohammed Al-Naser

Distractions may come in many forms. Be guided by these articles to avoid those. Or do you feel stressed out? Remember, stressed is spelled as desserts backwards. That’s just a piece of cake!

1. Minimize Freelance Stress the Easy and Clever Way

by: Hilde Torbjornsen

Know some tips on how you can minimize your stress as a freelancer in the easier and cleverer way.

2. Be Healthy: Simple Exercises for Freelancers

by: Samar Owais

Are you feeling stressed out? Here are few simple stretching exercises to keep your body alive and kicking.

3. 10 Ways to Stay Creative While Exhausted
by:  Richard Darell

Keep that creativity in you alive by following these ten ways to stay creative while being exhausted.

4. 21 Fun Distractions for Freelancers

by: Laura Spencer

Are you searching for a stress reliever after that long difficult project? This article gives you twenty one enjoyable fun distractions. Have fun!

5. Freelancing During an Illness

by: Alexis Rodrigo

Find out what you can do as a freelancer during the time of you having sickness.

6. Keep Your Sanity by Managing Client Expectations

by: Brian Casel

Brian Casel shares his experiences on how you can keep your business healthy and stable, as well as your personal life and well-being.

Great Tools for an Easier Work

Image by: Pedro Vidigal

Want to make your work easier? Take a look at these must have tools on your hand.

1. Insights Into the Running of a Design Business

by: Duane Kinsey

This article gives you some of the great tools you can use to manage your daily tasks. You may also gather tips here on how you may market your business.

2. The Bare Bones That Every Freelance Contract Should Have

by: Mel Ndiweni

Want to know what you should include on your contract as a freelancer? This article gives you the “bare bones” a contract should have.

3. Day 22: Twitter for Freelancers

by: Alexis Rodrigo

Find out on this article how Twitter will help you to market your business. You can also check out Alexis’ 31 Days to Start Freelancing here.

4. Ten Terrific Apps to Help You Keep Track of Your Time

by: Laura Spencer

Time is very important for everyone, especially for freelancers. Laura Spencer offers you ten applications on how you can keep track of your golden time.

5. 11+ Computer Security Apps to Keep Your Freelancing Business Safe

by: Laura Spencer

Keeping your computer secured is very important, especially into the business of freelancing. Take a look at these eleven computer security applications to secure your one important asset, your computer.

6. 7 Productivity Tools I Couldn’t Live Without

by: Glen Allsopp

Glen Allsopp shares the seven productivity tools he can’t live without. Let yourself find out if these out will also give benefits to you.

7. 35 Online Tools That Make Your Freelance Career Easier

by: Ritu

Another article that consists of awesome online tools that can make your freelancing work very easy.

How to Deal with your Clients?

Image by: Ideias Frescas

Come and take a look at these articles that are all client-related tips and guidelines.

1. Meeting Your Client for the First Time

by: Mel Ndiweni

This article gives you great tips on what you need to do when you are meeting your client for the first time.

2. The Components of a Successful Client Relationship

by: Alexander Dawson

This article offers you essential rules on how you can build a good relationship on your client.

3. Client Communication: The Most Important Part of Freelancing

by: Samuel

Here are tips you can consider when it comes to communicating with your clients.

4. Dealing With Clients Who Refuse To Pay

by: Robert Bowen

Read on this article on what you can do when you encounter clients who do not respect your work and refuse to pay.

5. How to Get Clients to Absolutely Love Your Freelancing Work

by: Lexi Rodrigo

Make your clients fall in love with your work by following these lovable tips.

6. 5 Tips for the Initial Client Sales Call

by: Matthew Moore

Read this article to learn how you can get the most out of your sales call. Good sales call means incoming profits for you.

7. Two Special Words that Will Make Your Clients See You Differently

by: Laura Spencer

Discover on this article how these two words improve your relationship with your clients.

8. How To Get Your Clients To Respect Your Time

by: Dave Navarro

Not only the time of your clients is important, yours as well. This article teaches you to let your clients respect your time.

9. 12 Breeds of Clients and How to Work with Them

by: Jack Knight

This article gives you twelve kinds of client’s personality you can encounter as a freelancer.

10. 7 Tips for Negotiating a Freelance Contract

by: Thursday Bram

Get some tips to help you better negotiate your contact on your client as a freelancer.

How to Manage your Finances?

Image by: pshegubj

Here are some articles that will give you tips on how to manage your finances and deal with expenses as a freelancer.

1. What Freelancers Need to Know About Their Finances

by: Ana Gonzalez Ribeiro

What are the things you need to know in your expenses and in financing as a freelancer? Check them out on this article.

2. How To Get Master Grade In Finances Being a Freelancer

by: Hilde Torbjornsen

Learn from a great freelancer for a decade now on how you can run your own freelance business and budget well.

3. 6 Money Management Software for Personal Finance (Freelancer’s Special)

by: Sushaantu

Here are six kinds of software to help you manage your personal finances as a freelancer.

4. Save Money on Taxes by Deducting Your Office Expenses

by: Thursday Bram

Have these tips on how to lessen your expenses and save your own money.

5. Managing Your Finances as a Freelancer in 7 Simple Steps

by: Tom Walker

This article consists of simple steps and some applications and resources to help you manage your finances in just seven steps.

6. Personal Finance Lessons From “The Social Network”

by: Joshua Ritchie

Take a look at this article on how Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook learned about personal finances and money management.

7. Student Freelancing: Tips to Budget Your Freelance Earnings

by: Stephanie Gonzaga

Stephanie Gonzaga, a freelance writer shares tips on how you can budget your earnings. This one is especially dedicated to those young student freelancers out there.

Secrets of being successful into freelancing or on whatever field you decided to join, you should have that self-motivation and passion in yourself to fulfill that dream. I know these great resources will inspire you and guide you to be the best on your freelancing career. Have fun reading!

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