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Collection Of 50 Best Carefully Hand Picked Retro Designs

Nowadays, more and more people are creating variety of modern designs, but there are people who are attracted by the retro designs. Basically retro is a term used to describe, denote or classify culturally outdated or aged trends, fashion, or fashion, from the overall post-modern past, but have since that time become functionally or superficially the norm once again. Website retro design is rare, so it took me a lot of time until I made this collection. I divided this article into 2 parts, so in my opinion, most attractive websites are from 1-19. What do you think? Which one is your favorite the most creative pick?

1. Targetscope

This website is mainly attracting by the fact that it is made with flash assistance. I love scope effect, paper scrolling, airplane shadow and of course music in the background.

targetscope-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

2. Level 2 Design

Very beautifully made airplane and car. Very nice looking retro style clock. You can also activate the radio. Don’t forget to move your mouse on the ad pole.

level-2-design-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

3. Media BOOM

The main thing here is that you can choose day or night mode. In the day mode you will find a very well designed city and view. You can see a fuming chimney and flowing U.S. flag. When you switch to night, then you will see a signboard with word ”METROPOLITAN”. I really like the letter ”A”, because it seems that it has a lack of electricity. Of course, there is also music in the background.

media-boom-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

4. Sensi Soft

The first thing that comes in mind is the large advertising pole in the middle of the screen. On the bottom of the advertising pole you can see a perfectly erected arrows, and if you move your mouse on top of ”ABOUT US”, then you’ll see how smoothly everything goes. In the background there are animated flying birds, drayman, Newspaper and fly-away England Flag.

sensi-soft-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

5. Casino Lemonade

I think that angel highlights this site very well.

casino-lemonade-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

6. Prospect Denim

This website is perfection. There is music and bird sound in the background. Animated truck, wind generator, mailbox and animated buttons makes this website balanced.

prospect-denim-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

7. Thunder Fuel

This website is my number 1 choice, because it is simple and almost everything is based on sound. So, quite a funny question, but would you like to hear how does a short circuit sound? If yes, then quickly move the mouse vertically on hosted websites. Also, I think button sound is good and do not forget to click on ”Launch”.

thunder-fuel-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

8. Germville

I mainly chosed this site simply because I love animated city. I think that it is the perfect supplement to a very retro design background.

germville-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

9. Turbo Chef

PERFECT intro with amazing sounds! Nothing else to say except that you must focus that this website is different from the others by the fact that the website itself is not retro, but the product they advertise is. You should also look for all kinds of parts, as most are done in modern and contemporary style. Here are very, very many options, so check them carefully.

turbo-chef-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

10. Custom Design

Everything is made on the television screen. Basic options: brightness adjuster, sound regulator, fullscreen mode, ability to skip movies, option to switch on/off the TV. You can also play with the big button on the TV in the upper right corner.

custom-design-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

11. Big Rig Design

I chosed this site because it has very well highlighted buttons.

big-rig-creative-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

12. Devotchka

Everything in flash. Loading screen is loking good. Great animation in the beginning. Music in the background.

devotcha-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

13. Miss Havisham’s Attic

Animated pixie, clock and switching pictures inside picture frame.

miss-havisham-attic-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

14. Big State Games

Very nice sounding song in the background, a wide variety of animation… what more can you wish for?

big-state-games-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

15. Fred Perry

This website focus is placed on the background. I do love it and like the old look. As always, there are different effects.

fred-perry-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

16. Visual Media Group

Finally, I also found a Latvian made homepage. This is incredible, I even didn’t knew that I would ever find something like this. This website is incredible, just take look yourself. Starting from a variety of text effects, ending with an animated view. This is a must see!

visual-media-group-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

17. Repiso

I chosed this retro design because it has a modern undertone. Moving the mouse, you’ll see moving mosquito. There are also some effects.

repiso-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

18. No Limit

I like this website, because they have include a flash animation of the cube that turns into 3 parts.

no-limit-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

19. Restaurant L’unita

Yet something unseen. When the page loads, you can see a wine pouring effect. Below is a cafe, which has a wide variety of flash animations. Watches, paintings, a lamp, telephone, a glass of wine, a statue, logo, etc. When you slide the mouse over the buttons, you will see circling star. There is also music in the background.

lunita-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

Unfortunately, the collection of these 19 flash sites ends. Next, you’ll see the ordinary, but attractive designs. The reason is that I wanted to build a larger article.

20. Lanikai Properties

lanikai-properties-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

21. Liga Retro

liga-retro-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

22. Riders Network

riders-network-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

23. Cottonseed Oil

cottonseed-oil-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

24. MacTarnahan’s Brewing Company

mac-tarnahan-brewing-company-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

25. The Dollar Dreadful Family Library

dollar-dreadful-family-library-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

26. Slabovia

slabovia-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

27. Archer Group

archer-group-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

28. Tack-O-Rama

tack-o-rama-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

29. Les Filles a la Violette

les-filles-a-la-violette-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

30. Sparky’s Garage

sparky-garage-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

31. Visit Cascadia

visit-cascadia-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

32. The New York Moon

new-york-moon-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

33. Tennessee Vacation

tennessee-vacation-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

34. Ready Photo Site

ready-photo-site-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

35. Small Stone Recordings

small-stone-recordings-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

36. Prahba

prahba-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

37. Lana Landis

lana-landis-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

38. Aslan Studio

aslan-studio-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

39. Big Sweater Design

big-sweater-design-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

40. Pain Is Good

pain-is-good-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

41. Stolen Design

stolen-design-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

42. Sottocosto Ska

sottocosto-ska-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

43. CSS Tinderbox

css-tinderbox-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

44. Ernest Hemingway Collection

ernest-hemingway-collection-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

45. Song Pull

song-pull-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

46. Blue Moon

blue-moon-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

47. Amelia Earhart

amelia-earhart-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

48. Thigpen Designs

thigpen-designs-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

49. Rejected Robot

rejected-robot-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

50. Lataka

lataka-collection-of-best-hand-picked-retro designs

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