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Creative and Beautiful Package Designs

Package designing is useful for Promoting the product features and benefits, process of design and attract the consumers. Mostly package design contains preservative details, health information and rate of the product. The purpose of packaging is physical protection, Barrier protection, Containment or agglomeration, Information transmission, Marketing and Security of the product. In today’s modern and competitive retail market world, you only have one chance to make a first impression. Make that first impression a creative and memorable one, with a custom design that will capture consumers attention Soon. Because “Adorable(attractive) packaging design can help to sell a product”.Packaging design is one area of graphic design more than a logo design. Most of the retail market companies like Tesco, Wal-Mart and Ikea are working on creative package designs and Green emissions too.

Role of package design

Package design plays important roles to help sell the product at the point of purchase.So, once functional activities of the package are completed the most important thing is it’s design how to be creative and tell a story that stands out from the crowd.

History of package design

In the 80s & 90s also the designers concerned about Structural design of packaging,Graphic design for packaging, Health, Safety and environmental issues, Environmental regulations.Eco labeling systems. They used their designs as a communication tool. In this post we present some creative package designs.It contains paper packaging, Bottle packaging, and plastic packaging etc…

Creative Package Designs

El nigritto

El nigritto is  a Tin design for Energy drink from Jorge flores on “Behance” art network  community.It’s an example of package design and 3D modeling.Energy drink-Creative-Package-Designs

Half-an-orange packaging

Citrus is a packaging concept. The idea consists on two hemispheres in plastic material orange-skin textured; pasted on a thick plastic sheet.Citrus concept-Creative-Package-Designs

Soy mamelle

Concept designed by Russian agency(KIAN brand).” The  agency took on the process of naming, formulating a creative brand conception, and creating the package shape. Soy milk “Soy mamelle” is a 100% vegetative product.

Yoav Kotik’s precious metal

Jewelry from packaging: Rings, bracelets, necklaces and pendents are made from metal bottle caps.

Tison Incense


This is an interesting concept for food packaging.Designed by Cool hunter agency. surprising events and stunts have now turned into truly powerful promotional tools.McFancy-Creative-Package-designs


Clever based project from “Creativemethod” company. The aim was to create a unique gift fo clients at christmas .

Dino Gum

Great idea : To create a gum package shaped like dino’s jaws


Redesigned the label for Bulgarian wine +359. Named after the country’s international phone code(359) and the font is based on the one used by Bulgarian Post in the 1960s, giving the wine strong national appeal. Typographic label effect.


Artist mixing paint for the wine maker.Chosen the right colour was just as important . Its first release completely sold out in just one month.And a fabulous design.

V&S wine maru

The design was awarded silver in the European competition EPICA.” Maru means Japanese


Cute work for UK brand Clearspring . Creative use of die cutting makes for quick and easy recognition of what the product is.


“This project’s objective was to re-style the popular American “Barbasol” shaving cream in order to introduced it into the European market.The aggressive diagonal line that divides the stripes suggest a mix between the shaving cream and the fragrance.


Interesting thing about this package design told by designer “This is a concept for a “RePackaging” assignment in which I chose to repackage bras. The packaging was inspired by a KBG commercial in which a young man asks how to tell his girlfriend’s breast size. The answer was to simply relate them to a piece of fruit: “Are they apples, oranges, or grapefruits?”

Bamboo woman

Project Woman Cosmetics. The redesign of the cap determines the shape of the trunk of the pack.

Frolick pet

Frolick is a small NYC based company with a big appreciation for the joy pets bring us.This is a brand that’s slick enough to appeal to a tech and design savvy urban professional, but also friendly and accessible enough for a suburban family.

Frazer perfume

It’s a traditional package design for the natural perfume.


Designed to serve a functional and practical need in improving the ergonomic work position at your workstation


Designed by Daria Kuzmina of the British High School of Arts and Design in Moscow:”Brand name is TEASET. Each pack contains black tea with various naturals additive.

Selfridges & Co

Impressive and beautiful — package design by Dave richmond from London. The choice of colors and color coding is unforgottable.


Stylish limited edition – packaging was created by Ziggurat Brands, This design is to attract the textile students.


Recyclable tetra packs – Designed bySpear design group


A clean and minimalist design was created based around a pattern of snowflakes designed by Chez valois from canada.

OGO water

Unique design – In 2002 Ora-Ito received the ‘Oscar for the best packaging’. His style is described as ‘simplicity’; simple in it’s complexity .

Fairtrade juice concept

The orange peel imagery covering the whole pack conveys that ‘just squeezed’ freshness and the uncluttered.

Coco juice

A Brazilian scientist Dr Antonio Martins invented a revolutionary new way of extracting coco juice so that it is left as pure and untouched as it is in the coconut.

Gap G Cologne

Masculinity  design- Brushed metal and Letter press effect in the package.

HEMA Salty snacks

This package design was inspired by wooden crates that are used to transport vegetables & fruit for their authentic feeling and of course the classic childhood pastime of making potato stamps. The text effect also saying that


Great premium look design – Responsible for the strategy, brand identity, naming, logo and packaging, they came up with a solution overflowing with appetite and shelf appeal.Designed by a Norway company. You can find many designs from the source page

Boa Boca Gourmet

Strong component of design – The concept is “Food + Design” and the aim is to show the traditional Portuguese products transforming them into objects of design, trendy and desirable.

Route 29

Nice and home made look – Designed by barabara vick design.

Dymov ultra

Most colorful sausage wrappers with unique personalities


A new thinking brand in the world of electronics.And a brand new headphone


Different type of packages for the Oatly brand.Designed by Swedish designer “jensen”

French Rabbit Wine

Innovative and unusual design for wines.Bold, festive graphics make these wines something to talk about design qualities.100% recyclable.

EGG package

Conceptional package design for only one egg.

Summer tissue boxes

Good illustrative artwork  utilizing a style that embodies the spirit of summer,and a unique design.

Faber-castell Pencil

Cool and innovative packaging for color pencils – Flip pencil case

Box-less Pizza

Creative approach

Quick fruit packaging concept

Great concept and a another unique brand – – The idea behind the quick fruit packaging is a fruit sliced in half showing the core of the fruit.

Yulia Brodskaya’s Milk packaging

By Russian designer.The design is simple yet funky and the curvy lines work well with the structure of the package.

Ecolean Packaging

A light weight approach to packaging.Saving resources is saving the environment(Concept). That is why lightweight packaging has become a heavyweight argument.

Last but not list – Coca Cola list

In Package design world for  Coca Cola brand most designers have done many fabulous designs.And they love to design for this specific brand.They have used different type of materials So here we show some of the impressive designs.

Coca Cola Contour bottle

Ornament bottles

Coca Cola aluminium bottle

Nathalie Rykiel has designed this colorful graphic for Coca Cola’s aluminium bottle

Colorless coke can

A conceptual package design, which at this time is unaffiliated with Coca Cola, created to drastically reduce the cost of both initial manufacturing and recycling. Designed by Rayan yoon

Classic can design

For 2010 Winter Olympics

These cans to commemorate the games.

Origin and Resources

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