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Do You Know Where To Get Laptop Cover Designs and Skins?

title-laptop-cover-designs-skinsMost of the laptops have glossy finish with a single color (mostly black) providing you with enough space to show your creativity. You can be creative on your laptop cover and stand apart of the crowed. You can shop for the skins on the internet and buy the skins according to your notebook size not only laptops you can order skins for iPhone, etc., to make them more colorful and bring life to your gadgets.

The skins are mostly vinyl stickers which you can easily glue to your laptop cover which not only looks cool but also protects it from surface scratches. You can also order custom skins with your company logo or brand name on it. This can prove to be a great marketing tool and even helpful in special events and exhibitions.

Herein are some of the sites that offer cool laptops skins, you can browse through the designs and order one for your machine.

1. Infectious


In this site you can find the designs that are made by the popular designers. You can browse through the gallery of the skins and order them online. You can also specify the size of your laptop to get the exact size and the skin will be shipped directly to your mailing address.

The other products that are available in this site are iPod Classic Skins, iPod nano skins, iPod touch skins, iPhone skins, Laptop skins, Wall vinyl and car decals. You can also submit your creation in this site to make some money for yourself.

2. Laptop Skins


This site has got a huge collection of laptop skins such that you can make your laptop unique with attractive and stylish skins. The Skin is nothing but a vinyl sticker which you can easily stick on to your laptop cover.

From the gallery click on design that you like then you can see the big picture of it. If you would like to buy the skin then click on the I want this button. A window will pop up in that you can select the size of the skin that you want to order and continue for payment.

3. Gela Skins


With cool designs from the great artists this site will please anyone with the magnificent designs. The cool 3D affects skins and awesome designs are prefect to stand out of the crowd. In this site you can find skins for iPhone, iPods, Laptops, Mac books, Wallpapers and also skins for the gaming devices like the Sony PSP.

You can view the designs by the release date or the artist or title. First click on the product that you want skins for and select the size of the product from the list. All the available skins for that product and size will be displayed so you can choose the one you like. The interesting feature of these skins is they can be easily installed and removed without leaving any residue on your cover.

4. Schtickers


This is one another popular site that sells skins for laptops. All the available skins are arranged in categories such that you can just browse the skins and select the one you like. You can also order custom image, monogram or text skins in this site. You can give your image to be printed on the skin or your company monogram. There are hundreds of designs to select from and with the custom option, the list is endless.

The interesting feature of the skins in this site are they are completely removable and reusable such that you can remove them when you are on to a official meet and put them back on when you are in a casual environment.

5. DecalGirl


There are thousands of designs available in this site and you can find skins for all most all phones and laptops including Kindle, iPhone, HTC, Nintendo, etc., here. It is a bit tricky task to select the good one from the bundle so you can narrow down the search by chooses the color and themes. You can also order the skins by using a toll free number for a quick delivery.

6. Get your Skins


There some exclusive collection in this site which is very hard to copy so they are sure to make your laptop unique. In this site you can get skins for iPhone, iPod and Laptops and there are combo packs and special packs to save your money and to give you the best deal. Special discounts are made from time to time on the skins. To order a skin you can specify the size of your laptop (screen size) to order a better fit for your machine.

7. LapJacks


This site offers you to personalize virtually any product including Laptops, iPhone and any other product with skins. You can create your own design or select a design from the gallery to customize it. All the skins are of high quality with are easy to apply and remove without any residue. The skins fit perfect without any air bubbles or deformation on the laptop cover.

The coolest part of this site is you can select the make and model of the product such that they produce exact fit for your device to make it look cool. You can also order the same design for your iPhone or any other device just mention the dimensions of the product and they will make it.

8. LeftSkins


This is one more site that offers cool laptop skins. This site has a very little collection but the designs are great and are offered in less price. You can find some Twitter background skins also in this site which look great on your laptop cover. You can also find skins for iPods, iPhone, PSP and Nintendo.

9. Skin Weaver


There is a huge collection of laptop skins such that you can find one to match your taste and interest. You can also shop for the keypad skins and iPhone skins in this site browse through the skin categories to select your favorite and order.

10. Garskin


Get skins for laptop, Mac Book, iPhone, iPod, PSP and many more in this site. You can find some of the unique designs which look attractive and cool on your gadget for sure. You can also order skins with different texture and feel in this site.

11. Skin it


Find a right skin for your laptop is very easy in this site. All that you have to do is select your device and make of your gadget. You will be presented with all the available designs for that model such that you can pick your favorite.

12. Instructables


Want to design your own laptop skin than you can do it here. All the instructions that are required to make a laptop skin in your home are here. All that you need is some creation and some material to get started. Show your creation to the world on your cool mobile computer.

13. Laptop Skins


In this site you can find many designs and different patterns of laptop skins. To make the search easy and help you find your favorite better they have place all the skins in categories. Find camouflage, blumen, kachein and many more designs in this web site.

14. Laptop Skins Plus


There are hundreds of different designs in this site. You can select them according to your interest and size of your laptop easily. Select your laptop make from the list and browse through the designs until you find your favorite and order. You can stick the skin easily and remove it if you want easily.

15. Skins Love


As the name of the site suggests that they love skins and you can find skins for about any gadget. Laptop skins especially are great in this site with many cool designs. Check out all the designs if not you may miss the most awesome design. Order the skin directly from this site and enjoy the cool looking skin on your laptop.

16. Aspoke


This is one of the major players in laptop skin market in Europe. There are hundreds of cool and special skins in this site and most of them reflect the European style. You can also order custom skins in this site to suit your taste the best part is they offer free shipping to all countries.



In this site you can order a skin with your selected photo on it or you can select for the gallery. The skins from this site are of superior quality and are 100 % safe to use on your laptop. Other services offered by this site are Wall tattoos, greeting cards, framed canvas, photo prints and fine art pictures.

18. Cool Laptop and mouse skins


Laptop skins are offered by most of the sites like this site but it also offers mouse skins. Mouse skins are very attractive and it will be fun working with a mouse with a skin on it. There are many laptop skin designs such that you can select one and order according to the size of your notebook. Mouse skins are equally beautiful and attractive so take a look at this section also.

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