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Get Inspired: 50 Awesome Portfolios on Behance Network

If you love extreme creativity then you shouldn’t overlook the designers from Behance Network. This site resembles deviantART, where you can find every type of designers, but Behance network is a hub where you will find most experienced, professional and creative designers. In this article we have collected 50 awesome portfolios and 2 images of sample work of each for your inspiration. If you like one’s work then do visit his/her portfolio and appreciate the amazing work. The only basis of the selection is Creativity.

1. Jerico Santander

Name: Jerico Santander

Location: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Creative Fields: Illustration, Art Direction, Digital Art

Jerico Santander

Jerico Santander2

2. Tony Ariawan

Name: Tony Ariawan

Location: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Creative Fields: Digital Art, Illustration, Design

Tony Ariawan

Tony Ariawan2

3. Si scott

Name: si scott studio

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

Creative Fields: Illustration, Typography, Design

si scott

si scott2

4. Sakke Soini

Name: Sakke Soini

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Creative Fields: Graphic Design, Illustration, Digital Art

Sakke Soini

Sakke Soini2

5. Pete Harrison

Name: Pete Harrison

Location: Paignton, United Kingdom

Creative Fields: Typography, Graphic Design

Pete Harrison2

Pete Harrison

6. Peter Jaworowski

Name: Peter Jaworowski

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Creative Fields: Advertising, Art Direction, Digital Art

Peter Jaworowski2

Peter Jaworowski

7. Mike Campau

Name: Mike Campau

Location: Birmingham, MI

Creative Fields: Digital Art, Photo Manipulation, Photo Illustration

Mike Campau

Mike Campau2

8. David Waters

Name: David Waters

Location: Moscow, ID

Creative Fields: Photo Manipulation, Digital Art, Graphic Design

David Waters2

David Waters

9. Brian Gossett

Name: Brian Gossett

Location: Santa Monica, CA

Creative Fields: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics

Brian Gossett2

Brian Gossett

10. Karol Kolodzinski

Name: Karol Kolodzinski

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Creative Fields: Web Design, Art Direction, Illustration

Karol Kolodzinski

Karol Kolodzinski2

11. Yuta Onoda

Name: Yuta Onoda

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Creative Fields: Digital Art, Fine Arts, Illustration

Yuta Onoda2

Yuta Onoda

12. Cristiano Siqueira

Name: Cristiano Siqueira

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Creative Fields: Advertising, Graphic Design, Illustration

Cristiano Siqueira2

Cristiano Siqueira

13. Christian Nauck

Name: Christian Nauck

Location: Berlin, Germany

Creative Fields: Illustration, comic, Game Design

Christian Nauck2

Christian Nauck

14. StudioKxx

Name: StudioKxx Krzysztof Domaradzki

Location: Poznan, Poland

Creative Fields: Web Design, Design, Illustration



15. 96k liuzheng

Name: Liu zheng

Location: Beijing, China

Creative Fields: Art Direction, Motion Graphics, Graphic Design

96k liuzheng2

96k liuzheng

16. Alex Trochut

Name: Alex Trochut

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Creative Fields: Typography, Illustration, Art Direction

Alex Trochut2

Coca Cola. Yeah Yeah Yeah La La La.

17. Natalie Sklobovskaya

Name: Natalie Sklobovskaya

Location: Saint Louis, MO

Creative Fields: Web Design, Design, Illustration

Natalie Sklobovskaya

Natalie Sklobovskaya2

18. Craig Ward

Name: Craig Ward

Location: London, United Kingdom

Creative Fields: Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography

Style: "70's look"

Craig Ward

19. Irina Vinnik

Name: Irina Vinnik

Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia

Creative Fields: Drawing, Design, Illustration

Irina Vinnik2

Irina Vinnik

20. Simone Magurno

Name: Simone Magurno

Location: San Francisco, CA

Creative Fields: Web Design, Illustration, Graphic Design

omega_code_muscle milk_3

Simone Magurno

21. Alex Andreyev

Name: Alex Andreyev

Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia

Creative Fields: Painting, Digital Art, Cinematography

Alex Andreyev2

Alex Andreyev

22. Joanna Kustra

Name: Joanna Kustra

Location: London, United Kingdom

Creative Fields: Photo Manipulation, Fashion, Photography

Joanna Kustra2

Joanna Kustra

23. Happycentro

Name: Happycentro creative studio

Location: Verona, Italy

Creative Fields: Illustration, Art Direction, Graphic Design



24. Pawel Nolbert

Name: Pawel Nolbert

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Creative Fields: Web Design, Art Direction, Design

Pawel Nolbert2

Pawel Nolbert

25. Robinsson Cravents

Name: Robinsson Cravents

Location: Medellin, Colombia

Creative Fields: Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design

Robinsson Cravents2

Robinsson Cravents

26. Fernandes Vilmar

Name: Fernandes Vilmar

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Creative Fields: Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Art Direction

Fernandes Vilmar2

Fernandes Vilmar

27. YOU

YOU is a creative’s’ collective operating in the communication and advertising areas.

Location: Modena, Italy

Creative Fields: Graphic Design, Branding, Art Direction



28. Alberto Cerriteno

Name: Alberto Cerriteno

Location: Seattle, WA

Creative Fields: Design, Digital Art, Animation

Alberto Cerriteno2

Alberto Cerriteno

29. Job Hall

Name: Job Hall

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Creative Fields: Editing, Film, Directing

Job Hall2

Job Hall

30. Chris Cork

Name: Chris Cork

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Creative Fields: Writing, Directing, Ideation

Chris Cork2

Chris Cork

31. James White

Name: James White

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Creative Fields: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Print Design

James White

James White2

32. Studio Nufabric

Name: Studio Nufabric

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Creative Fields: Motion Graphics. Typography. Graphic Design

Studio Nufabric2

Studio Nufabric

33. Barral Fabien

Name: Barral Fabien

Location: Clermont-Ferrand, France

Creative Fields: Branding, Art Direction, Graphic Design

Barral Fabien2

Barral Fabien

34. Andrew Dyjak

Name: Andrew Dyjak

Location: Katowice, Poland

Creative Fields: Typography, Illustration, Digital Art

Andrew Dyjak2

Andrew Dyjak

35. David Fuhrer

Name: David Fuhrer

Location: Bern, Switzerland

Creative Fields: Digital Imaging, Digital Art, Design

David Fuhrer2

David Fuhrer

36. Pino Lamanna

Name: Pino Lamanna

Location: Wuppertal, Germany

Creative Fields: Illustration, Branding, Character Design

Pino Lamanna

Pino Lamanna2

37. Florencia mazza

Name: Florencia Mazza Ramsay

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Creative Fields: Film, Photography, Fashion, Digital Photography, Art Direction

florencia mazza ramsay2

florencia mazza ramsay

38. Andreas stavrinides

Name: Andreas stavrinides

Location: London, United Kingdom

Creative Fields: Advertising, Photography, Fashion



39. Rinze van Brug

Name: Rinze van Brug

Location: New York, NY

Creative Fields: Architecture, Photography, Fashion

Rinze van Brug2

Rinze van Brug

40. Nickolas Sushkevich

Name: Nickolas Sushkevich

Location: Moscow, Russia

Creative Fields: Visual Effects, Graphic Design, Digital Photography


Nickolas Sushkevich

41. Kim Holtermand

Name: Kim Holtermand

Location: Varlose, Denmark

Creative Fields: Photography, Digital Photography, Fine Arts

Kim Holtermand2

Kim Holtermand

42. Rengim Mutevellioglu

Name: Rengim Mutevellioglu

Location: Paris, France

Creative Fields: Photojournalism, Fine Arts, Photography

Rengim Mutevellioglu2

Rengim Mutevellioglu

43. Julia Pogodina

Name: Julia Pogodina

Location: New York, NY

Creative Fields: Fashion, Photography

Julia Pogodina2

Julia Pogodina

44. Victor Eredel

Name: Victor Eredel

Location: Petrozavodsk, Russia

Creative Fields: Illustration, Digital Photography, Music Composition

Victor Erede2

Victor Eredel

45. Ashburn Eng

Name: Ashburn Eng

Location: Singapore City, Singapore

Creative Fields: Styling, Photography, Fashion

Ashburn Eng2

Ashburn Eng

46. Graphistolage David

Name: Graphistolage David

Location: Orleans, France

Creative Fields: Photo Manipulation, Photography

Graphistolage David2

Graphistolage David

47. Trevor Brady

Name: Trevor Brady

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Creative Fields: Editorial Design, Fashion, Photography

Trevor Brady2

Trevor Brady

48. Will Slegg

Name: Will Slegg

Location: Plymouth, United Kingdom

Creative Fields: Graphic Design, Photography, Digital Photography

Will Slegg2

Will Slegg

49. John Wildgoose

Name: John Wildgoose

Location: London, United Kingdom

Creative Fields: Photography


John Wildgoose

50. Fernando Forero

Name: Fernando Forero

Location: Kalisz, Poland

Creative Fields: Graphic Design, Design, Art Direction

Fernando Forero

Fernando Forero2
We hope if you need a designer for your project you would have selected one from the mention above. Do you have awesome Behance Network Portfolio? Please share with us.

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