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How to Find the Best Keywords and Ideas for Your Articles

how-to-get-best-keywordsSEO is the most important thing you have to keep in mind when you start blogging. Optimizing your content and using the right keywords can bring you huge benefits and also it can make your job a lot easier and fun. SEO is very complex and it has lots of adapters, finding keywords for your content is without a doubt one of the most important things when we talk about SEO.

Even though keywords are very important, not many people know how to find best combination in order to get best results. The keywords research is very important for PPC campaings too and that means lots of money can easily be earned by doing a good keyword research.

Today, in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to find best SEO keywords the easy way. It is pretty obvious that we need some tools in order to succed. The next 5 tools are in the top of my keywords generators.

Whit each of the tools below, you have to start with a main keyword which is related to your website niche. In this example I will use “design” as a main keyword.

1. The Google Wonder Wheel – Find Topics to Write About


Google is not only the best search engine there is, Google can also help you to find the most relevant and successful topics and keywords in order for you to get the results you want no matter what your niche is. The Google Wonder Wheel is a tool available on the main search page on Google. It can be activated using the “Show Options” bar. The Wonder Wheel will create ramifications from your base keywords and it will display you related topics in a tree form.(As you can see in the picture above).

This Tool is used even by Darren Rowse from . You can also view the video created by him at problogger.

2. Google Adwords Keyword Tool – Best For PPC Campaings


Is a well known fact about how powerful the Google Adwords system is and also how many people around the world are using this service. The Google Team has also developed a powerful keyword research tool designed to help you find best keywords for your Adwords Campaings and also help PPC users to select niche keywords for their websites. The tool has many useful features, but the most important in my opinion is the CPC feature available in the “Choose columns to display” menu after you search for the keyword. This feature displays the Cost Per Click (CPC) for that keyword or phrase.

Another very important factor is the Global Monthly Search Volume which helps you to determine how much searches were made for a specific keyword and helps you to see if that keyword worth your attention or not.

3. Word Tracker


A simple yet very powerful Keyword researching tool. Is great and very relevant so you will get great results. The Wordtracker tool is free, but you can also use the Premium version which costs $59. You should keep in mind that Word Tracker tool is optimized for best results using the search engines available in US so WordTracker is based on searches made by people leaving in US.

To use word tracker for best results you should enter a keyword or phrase and click the “Hit Me” button. The results will be a list of most searched related keywords and phrases to your one. On the right you will see the number of searches generated for that keyword. Like I said, WordTracker statistics are based on information collected from search engines from US.

4. Keyword Spy


Keyword Spy is not just a great tool for obtaining the best keywords for your articles, but it has the power to bring you the information you need in order to smash your competition and get better and better. Another great thing is that Keyword Spy is free to use and you can also search for Domains, Destination URLs and Ad Copies.

Another thing special at Keyword Spy is that it allows you to see more relevant statistics about PPC competitors which is a feature I haven’t seen on other keyword research tools and it is very important for PPC users.

5. WordStream


With a database of more than 1 billion high rated and popular keywords, WordStream is the ultimate source of free Keywords designed to help you build the content you want. WordStream also allows you to export a list, a huge list of keywords containing more than a thousand of niched words.

You can also check the list of most recommended keywords research tools available created by the SEO experts from SEO Book. They have explained keyword research and how to use it effectively in a short video here.

I also recommend using the hot searches available for most popular search engines. AOL Hot Searches, Google Trends and Zeitgeist, MSN Search Insider and of course Yahoo! Buzz Index.


Before starting using any of the tools in this article, I really recommend you to start brainstorming and write some random keywords related to your niche so that you can create an idea about what you want.

That’s it! Enjoy the tools and start improving the SEO for your website right now.

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