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SEO Expert Vadym Kevin Zyabkin Shares Important Search Engine Optimisation Tips For 2021

SEO specialist, Vadym Kevin Zyabkin has shared important tips related to SEO and link building to ensure the success of blogs and websites in the year 2020. He has highlighted the need to focus on white hat SEO techniques for the long-term success of any blog or website. Due to the increasing number of websites on the internet, the competition for appearing on the top of the SERP for certain keywords has increased dramatically.

The SEO specialist stated that things to keep in mind for link building on different high-authority websites on a search engine. As search engines have become more intelligent, it has become imperative for webmasters to focus on ethical link building in order to prevent their website from getting penalised. According to Vadym Kevin Zyabkin, SERPninja is an effective platform to help a webmaster build links following ethical methods to improve the ranking of websites on top SERP results.

Using techniques such as niche edits, guest posts, local citations, social signals, PBN building, SERPninja helps to build strong backlinks for websites. Sharing his tips on SEO and link building, he added that one should choose to comment on selected do-follow blogs as building links on outdated do-follow blogs may decrease the value of a website. He stated that it is important to build a link on the same niche source for the success of a website.

In addition to this, he also stressed on the need to build links on a mix of high authority and low authority websites and avoid building paid links. Lastly, he shared that a webmaster should not focus too much on spamming links through Web 2.0 and PBN techniques.