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SEO Tips and Tricks for the Modern Web

Search Engine rankings can make or break any business. In this talk, Alain will go through how search engines crawl and index content in 2019 and beyond. We will see how to run an SEO audit on a website, what mistakes to avoid, and which best practices to put in place in order to optimize your modern web app or blog to achieve optimal search rankings.


Alain Chautard – Google Developer Expert

About the Speaker

Alain is a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies / Angular. His daily mission is to help development teams get started and become fluent with Angular.

He is the organizer of GDG Sacramento, an international conference speaker, and published author of several video courses with Packt, Safari, and Lynda.


Remote on Twitch

Basic Information

Due to COVID-19 and everyone’s personal safety, we’re making this event an online stream through Twitch. You don’t need an account to watch the stream, but you’ll need one to participate in the chat. Creating an account doesn’t cost anything and it will add warmth to the event.