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Top 8 Expert SEO Tips For 2021

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is constantly changing. In 2019 Google updated its algorithm several times. With the most recent one being the BERT update. As a result of that many website owners saw a decline in their organic traffic. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on SEO for 2020.

Instead, you should adapt and improve your SEO. Because organic traffic dominated (again) web traffic in 2019. SEO is a crucial component of every successful website.

Best SEO tips for 2020

But what SEO strategies will work in 2020?

How is SEO going to change in 2020?

Luckily for us, SEO experts are willing to answer those questions and share their tactics with us. You don’t have to become an SEO expert yourself to reap the benefits of SEO and dominate the SERPs in 2020. You can simply take a look at the posts below and stay ahead of the competition.

1) SEO in 2020: The Definitive Guide

A complete guide to SEO that covers pretty much everything. From domain authority to backlinks and voice search optimization. It describes all the important SEO trends you need to know for 2020. Brian Dean’s tips and strategies are always a must-read.

Also take a look at this video by Brian Dean about his SEO strategy for 2020

Source: Backlinko

2) 9 SEO Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

This post by Single Grain is about 9 of the biggest SEO trends of 2020. Increasing your website organic traffic might prove challenging in 2020. Stay up to date with the trends that will dominate this year. Voice search optimization, interactive video marketing, zero-click search should be part of your SEO strategy.

SEO trends in 2020

Source: Single Grain


On page-optimization can have a huge impact on your rankings. Without it, your blog posts will never make it to page one of the SERPs. But what are the best SEO techniques you should be implementing?

This post covers all the on-page factors you need to focus on to succeed. Heading tags, meta title, keyword density, internal linking, keyword placement are just some techniques explained in this post.

On-page SEO techniques

Source: ShoutMeLoud

4) Best Advanced SEO Techniques for Easy Wins in 2020

This is a complete guide about 15 of the most important advanced SEO tips you can easily implement on your website. The techniques described here are up-to-date with the latest changes made by Google to its algorithm.

Advanced SEO techniques for 2020

Source: ReliableSoft

5) 2020 SEO trends that will influence your work

SEO is always changing and if you fail to keep up your organic traffic will suffer. The good news is the basic principals of SEO seem to remain the same. But for your SEO strategy to remain effective, you need to know what is going to change in 2020. Take a look at this post and find out the major SEO trends for 2020.

2020 SEO trends

Source: Search Engine Land

6) SEO Trends for 2020: How to Get on Top of Google Search

This is another post about the most important SEO trends for 2020. In this post is also included ways to implement the tactics and trends discussed here. Voice search, intent optimization and semantic search, content diversification and more are all thoroughly described in this post.

SEO optimization

Source: Convince&Convert

7) 20 of the Best SEO Tips for Keyword Rankings and Google in 2020

There are so many ranking factors that sometimes it can be confusing as to which SEO elements you should focus on. This post by Content Marketing Institute includes 20 SEO tips that will help your content rank higher this year.

Keyword ranking in 2020

Source: Content Marketing Institute

8) SEO in 2020: What Role Do Keywords Play?

Amid all these changes and Google’s algorithm updates, it makes sense for every website owner to wonder how significant keywords are today. How can we effectively use keywords in 2020?

That’s what this post is all about. Keywords and keyword research still has a role to play in today’s SEO. Stuffing keywords to our content to make it rank higher doesn’t work anymore. But that doesn’t mean keywords are not important anymore. Learn how to use them correctly and improve your SEO traffic.

Keywords in 2020

Source: SearchEngineJournal

Final Thoughts

SEO is changing fast but that shouldn’t scare you. Embracing the change will allow you to increase your organic traffic and revenue. That is also why i created this list of what i believe to be the best posts about SEO in 2020 right now. They cover everything there is to know about all the recent changes in SEO and how to prepare your website for the upcoming ones.

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