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Ultimate Roundup of 750+ Free Photoshop Layer Styles

Hey, everyone! It seems that we have recently lost touch with the magic of Photoshop Layer Styles, until recently, that is. So, in lieu of this, we have compiled the ultimate roundup of 750+ style sets for you! Layer Styles are great resources, and can really save you heaps of time when designing something. They provide a great base of styles that are easily editable later on. It doesn’t stop there; don’t forget that they can easily create web buttons, icons, and Web 2.0 text styles.

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Vista Glass Style by ~lost–in–thought

This style is a great base for replicating a Vista-like look in your piece.

220 Amazing Free Photoshop Layer Styles

We personally used these Photoshop styles for a project, and they really surprised us!

Color Candy Photoshop Style

These styles look very nice for a Web 2.0 effect.

Fibre LayerStyles – GVL by ~gvalkyrie

These fiber styles would really add a unique punch to a web layout.

Chrome Text Style by =nonlin3

This chrome text effect will put a new spin on boring text! Great for anything with metals.

Gold text style by ~CorouD

This gold text effect is simple, but really works! Would be nice if used as a button or other element as well.

Spice up your design with 56 Photoshop layer styles

This unique variety of Photoshop Layer Styles will really spruce up any project!

Glass Styles

This simple set of two styles, instantly creates a wonderful glass or transparent effect!


This is a truly unique set of six photoshop styles!

Free Photoshop Styles

This set looks really clean, and especially great for a Web 2.0 effect in web design! They would work really well for buttons as well.

PS Styles Pack I by ~Royks

First in this set, these styles look sure to promise an amazing addition to whatever you may be working on.

PS Style Pack II by ~Royks

Bringing twenty in this second set, these styles are sure to bring even more design goodness.

Ultimate Web 2.0 Layer Styles

Although predecessor this set, these are still amazing photoshop styles!

Style glass by ~Lucifer017

This colorful set of glass styles will add that extra oomph you’ve been waiting for!

Chameleon Style no.1 by ~Ashung

First in this series, there is a lot of variety between the sets of two 90 layer styles.

Chameleon Style no.2 by ~Ashung

The second in a series, these layer styles seem really promising!

Styles serious

6 great cute looks for website designs!

42 Photoshop Layer Styles for Button Design – Free Download

This set of glossy styles make for a great web 2.0 button or website.

Glowing PS styles by ~Sultan-Almarzoogi

These text styles make the perfect addition to a dark layout, especially with the variety!

Dark Orb LAYERSTYLES by ~gvalkyrie

These layers styles provide a unique spin on a simple circle, transforming it into an orb suitable for use as web buttons!

While searching for this article, we tried to include all the best layer styles available for free download. Let us know if we have missed something and we will update this post. : )

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