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WordPress Plugins : 17 Handy Toolbars For Your Blog

Title-wordpress-blog-toolbar-pluginsToolbars used in WordPress installations as plugins become more and more popular and effective. I am sure you noticed such toolbars on sites like, etc and wondered how you can get one, why to use it and actually how good is sortiment. Maybe there are better toolbars available just for your needs?

I wondered and decided to create article about it – finding the most popular, interesting and eye-catching WordPress toolbar plugins you could use daily to increase pageviews, comments, sharing, twitter followers, subscriptions and more. Some of these plugins even offer online chat with your readers, how cool is that? Enjoy, research and find your pick! Let us know your favorite toolbar plugin as well!

1.Extendy Toolbar

This plugin installs the Extendy toolbar to your blog without having to make edits to any of your template files. Note that you must have an Extendy account, available for free at . Extendy lets visitors share their favorite pages, search your content, view your latest tweets and blog posts, connect with you across social networks, and more.


2. Meebo Bar

With the Meebo Bar, you get several great features straight out of the box, check for more on their webpage:

  • Real-time sharing. Your users can easily share your website with their friends through IM, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and email. The Meebo Bar engages your existing users and brings in new users.
  • Custom buttons for your bar. Choose from a host of buttons to add to your bar.
  • Personal stats dashboard. See statistics about pageviews, sharing from your site, and which of your Meebo Bar buttons are being clicked, all from your own secure site. You can even give other users their own personal login to access the dashboard.
  • Instant messaging from your site. Meebo knows web-based IM better than anyone, and your site visitors will be able to chat and share with their IM friends from AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Facebook, and a ton of other networks.


3.Gigya Toolbar

The Gigya Toolbar increases your blog’s traffic and provides an oppurtunity to make extra revenues.  Here are features Gigya offers:

  • Get return traffic when users share and tweet from the toolbar.
  • Supports 80 social destinations and includes a Facebook fan page and Twitter updates buttons.
  • The toolbar does not affect page load time. It loads only after the page is fully loaded.


4. WordPress Toolbar Plugin

Static Toolbar displays a static toolbar in the bottom of the page, which may contain last posts, rss feed, search engine, social network and sharing links.


5.WordPress Toolbar

This WordPress toolbar will automatically enable a toolbar for all outgoing links from your blog, it is similar as Digg or Stumbleupon. It helps to keep visitors coming back and write some comment or social bookmarking. Great tool.


6. Toolbar

Adds the toolbar to your website.

The mit3xxx toolbar allows you to add the following features to your site: navigate to the start pageintegrate a button to your rss-feed,let your users tweet your content, share your content to social network sites such as Delicious, Digg, Facebookanr more. It also provides more then 20 themes.


7. WordPress Theme Demo Bar

WordPress Theme Demo Bar is a plugin for wordpress (compatible up to WP 2.8.3) allowing to preview any wordpress theme without activating. Demo bar is customisable in admin panel, with several CSS style files as well. Very handy for theme developers or Wordpres theme related articles.


8. The WordPress Bar

Editor’s description:

“Seen the DiggBar on Add a similar feature to your WordPress blog. Use your blog as a short link service with Easy Link Creation. Feature any link on the internet with a custom URL such as Also feature social network links such as Facebook, Twitter, and Digg.”


9. WP External Links Bar

Maintain your external links (in posts and comments) in your site. Create a Link Bar like facebook, digg and google with share link as well.


10. WordPress Admin Bar

This plugin replicates all of the menu links in your normal admin area at the top of your main site for logged in users (i.e. you). You can go right to the “Write Post” or manage options pages in one click from anywhere on your blog. No more having to go to your dashboard first. You can even have it replace your admin area menus if you want.


11. WordPress Admin Bar Improved

Similar plugin to WordPress admin bar but with several improvements – now even if you are not logged in you can – you will have top toolbar visible to login.


12.Drag-To-Share eXtended

This plugin mimic the Mashable functionality where news stories and interesting articles can be shared to social networking sites. The functionality is driven by the images accompanying the articles, you click and hold on an image and can then drag it into a toolbar to share it. It’s brilliant and intuitive!


13. Snipi for WordPress

Using the Snipi Toolbar, you can drag and drop images from anywhere on the Internet and have them appear automatically in your WordPress Media Library or NextGen Gallery. Interesting toolbar indeed. Check Youtube video for more.


14. Fixed Social Buttons

This plugin will add fixed social buttons on right side : twitter, facebook, myspace, reddit, delicious, technorati and rss feed buttons. Open social bookmarks links in a new or in the same window with “rel=’nofollow’” attribute or not.


15. WP Super Bar

A very simple bar for outgoing links in your posts.


16. Fixed Search Button

Looks promising plugin, with handy buttons. This plugin will add fixed buttons on right side :

  • Home button
  • Login button
  • Contact button
  • Search button
  • Go to top button


17. Frame Breaker, aka Die Digg-bar die!

Something different – did you want sometimes to people visit really your page not digg-bars, different frames like you will see in this post also. Activate this plugin to get rid of such frames.

I could find fixed Twitter and Subscribe buttons, I see often on left or right sides of windows. If you know one, please share with me as well, so I would be able to create even more comprehensive list. If you know more such fixed toolbars, bars, buttons please do share!

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